Artists Open Studio event is held in Edinburgh

Artists Open Studios at Patriothall, Stockbridge

A Patriothall open studio event was held by WASPS (Workshop & Artists Studio Provision Scotland) in Stockbridge on Friday to support artists and provide them with affordable studios.

WASPS Patriothall studios has over thirty artists taking part with a wide range of work such as painting, ceramics, printmaking, sculpture, tapestry and jewellery.

It is open to the public once a year, so that they can see the artists’ workspaces, talk to the creators and buy artwork direct.


Teena Ramsey, 54, a jeweller and metal designer, said: “We’re opening the door to the local community so they can know what’s going on, so it’s essential for people to come and visit.”


James Lumsden, 55, a painter, said: “I’ve been a painter for about 20 years, I paint paintings which are about an illusion of light, I build layers of mac and then glazes, glaze-upon-glaze, so that there’s a sort of internal light within the painting, so they’re abstract sort of coloured.

“It’s important for people to see where public money goes, to help subsidise studio spaces. People like to see a space that’s normally private the rest of the year as they are curious to see behind the scenes, and how everyone’s studio is different.”


Miriam Vicars, who is doing copper plate etching at Edinburgh printmakers, and paints in watercolor and oil, said: “I had a big bereavement in my life. I was just 40 when I was bereaved and I started doing art.

“We consider community relations important so it’s a big push to be open to the public, but it’s really just to let people see what we do.”


Michael Worobec, 56, a digital artist, who produces paintings from digital images, said: “I came back to Edinburgh after two decades living in London and this is my first open, I’m trying to introduce myself to Edinburgh market.

“My ideas are about Patriarchy, anti-patriarchy, feminism, and any forms of social exploitation or corruption.

“In my Painting, I give my voice to black women, gay people and immigrants.”

Gordon Macauly, a visitor of the event, said: “It’s an interesting studio, I brought my family here as it’s great to be here today and meet the various local artists.”

Another visitor, Mandy Macfarlane, said: “I’m here because I tracked down Lucy Johns, who is one of the artists here, as I’ve seen a picture she had painted in St Andrews. She sent me an invite that there is an open studio tonight.”

WASPS has been providing artists, makers and creators with spaces from which they can work in Scotland, for more than 40 years.