Little gems: Unsung Heroines at Edinburgh Castle

Unsung Heroines event at the Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle features a historical event, “Unsung Heroines” depicting women who fought during World War I today.

The Castle is notoriously known for its history, imposing exterior, and immense popularity among tourists.

Some consider it a symbol of the city, which makes it an ideal space for the Unsung Heroines re-enactment.

The re-enactment centres on the events of World War I, but takes an interesting new approach with the historical facts.

Usually, historical interpretations are interpreted through the lense of the frontier and the man who fought to protect their country.

However, there is another side of the war that remains hidden, and possibly overlooked, due to its lack of heroic splendour and dramatic tension.

The re-enactment takes a look at women who took part in the war as nurses at auxiliary hospitals, providing care and medical treatment for soldiers throughout the war.

Unsung Heroines has a leading figure, Jane Clark, and unravels her courageous story as a leader of a group of Voluntary Aid Detachment nurses during the war, which has remained unknown until now.

We spoke to Nora, 43, from Hungary, visiting Scotland who stated that she is excited to see the re-enactment. She said: “I was very interested in Scotland’s history, and that’s why I came to see the Castle.

The re-enactment (Unsung Heroines) seems interesting. I will definitely see it after the tour.”

The event is free and comes as a part of the standard tour at the castle.

The event times are: 2, 3, 4 December at 11:15 am, 12:15 am, 14:00 pm, and 15:00 pm.