Politics and the Election on TV…..

Friday’s terrorist attack on London Bridge and Brexit were the main topics of last night’s tv debate hosted by ITV. Leaders from 5 political parties and 2 senior politicians from Labour and the Conservatives appeared for the televised discussion for campaigns ahead of the 12th of December General Election.

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister and Scottish National Party Leader, began by saying her party’s role in UK wide politics is to “lock Boris Johnson out of Downing Street”, in what she called “the election of our lifetime”.

Sturgeon went on to describe Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s attempts to “politicise” Friday’s atrocity as “crass” and encouraged politicians to learn from Scotland who ended “automatic conditional release for prisoners sentenced to 4 or more years”.

During the debate, Nigel Farage (Brexit party) and Jo Swinson (Liberal Democrats), argued about Donald Trump’s relevance in the UK election, with Farage saying “men say stupid things when they’ve had a drink”, in defence of the US president.

Sturgeon ended the debate by warning against the emergence of “strong man politics” and said “we can’t trust a Johnson/Trump/Farage alliance not to use the NHS as a bargaining tool” in future political negotiations.

Boris Johnson ended scrutiny about his absence from interview by the BBC’s Andrew Neil, which other party leaders participated in, by appearing on Sunday’s Andrew Marr show.

Johnson discussed Friday’s attack during the show, blaming the previous Labour government for changes in sentencing law for Usman Khan’s liberation from prison after his initial conviction for terrorism offences.

The election will take place on 12 December, which means time is running out for party leaders to sway voters over to their side.  

They are expected to take part in the next big debate on 6 December, which will be presented by BBC Radio 4’s Today presenter Nick Robinson. 

ITV sign by James West

The BBC’s first debate was aired on 29 November, and as with last night’s ITV debate, Corbyn and Johnson were noticeably absent.

There will also be a special edition of Question Time on Monday 9 December, just a few days prior to the big day, which will invite an audience of under 30’s to interrogate the senior figures from each of the main parties.  

A Scotland Leaders debate is also set to be broadcast live from Glasgow on Tuesday 10 December.