The Grinch lowers the curtain on a stellar performance at the Festival Theatre

Photo by Globaltraveller

How the Grinch Stole Christmas wrapped up its performance in Edinburgh this weekend at the Festival Theatre.

The story, arguably the most famous in a line of classic tales by Dr. Seuss, is a must-read or see at the holidays.

Charles Evans, Production Manager for the show’s producers, Simon Friend Entertainment said that the Grinch’s most important lesson is that differences should be celebrated, not looked down on.

He said: “It’s so totally relatable. We all have something in us that’s a big strange.

“People will have to learn to accept the different things in us.”

Evans says the show did its best to capture the fantastical essence of the original picture book.

“On our stage, you’d see the same fanciful sketches turned into sets. These fanciful costumes, men with very long thin bodies, huge bottoms, funny tummies sticking out . . . .”

Audiences loved the show, with one theatre-goer describing it as delightful.

“It’s a real feel-good family atmosphere. The show features some great, catchy tunes and gets you in the festive spirit for sure.”

The next show at Festival theatre will be the Snow Queen by the Scottish Ballet, which will open 7 December until 29 December.