Children’s News Roundup 9/12/19

Christmas trees in Edinburgh

Here are the main stories in the news today in Edinburgh, and the rest of the UK. This week’s most important issue is the vote to decide who will be leading the country for the next 4 years…

Christmas Party at Sick Kids Hospital

Children who are staying in the Sick Kid’s hospital in Edinburgh are having a Christmas party today.  Workers at the hospital arranged a fun-filled afternoon so that boys and girls who miss their school parties are still able to enjoy the festivities.

Rehoming pets for Christmas

The SSPCA charity in Scotland for animals is asking people not to buy pets for Christmas presents, and adopt them instead. The workers at SSPCA say there are many animals in rescue centres who need homes, and asked families thinking of getting a new pet to adopt one instead.

General Election Vote

Elsewhere in the country, adults are getting ready to vote for the people they think would be best to run Britain in a brand new team called the government.

People can vote in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and the group who get the most votes become the leaders of the country, making decisions about things like health and schools.

This week, the people who want the jobs in the government are doing their best to persuade us to vote for them.  We will find out on Friday morning who won and who will have the most important job of Prime Minister.