Festive Recipe: Christmas Cookies 🎄

Christmas cookies date back to Medieval times, when spices such as ginger and cinnamon were widely used throughout Europe.

Spices were still quite expensive at that time, so they were mainly used for special occasions, like Christmas.

By the sixteenth century, cookies had become very popular because they were easier to share with family and friends than cakes or pies.

Gingerbread cookies became the most famous kind when Queen Victoria and Prince Albert started introducing German traditions at Christmas during the nineteenth century.

Another Christmas cookie tradition which has become popular, especially in the United States, is children leaving out some cookies with a glass of milk for Santa before going to bed on Christmas Eve.

It is said that this tradition was introduced in the 1930s in the US during the Great Depression, by parents who wanted to teach their children about giving to others and being grateful.

This tradition dates back to Norse mythology when children left food out for Odin’s horse, wishing for him to stop by and leave presents.

If you would like to carry on the tradition and leave cinnamon cookies and a glass of milk for Santa, Rudolph and the other reindeers this Christmas, follow the recipe below.

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