Scottish Italian art decorates an Edinburgh restaurant

© Paolozzi Restaurant and Bar

An Italian sculptor and artist will have his art featured in a Scottish restaurant set to open in Edinburgh.

Eduardo Paolozzi Paolozzi was born in 1924 in Leith and was the eldest son of Italian immigrants and is well-known globally.

Nonna’s Kitchen owner, Gino Stornaiuolo, and Edinburgh Beer Factory Founders, John and Lynne Dunsmore, are partnering to open ‘Paolozzi Restaurant & Bar’ at 61 Forrest Road.

Edinburgh-born Stornauiolo is excited to have his restaurant decorated with the works of Paolozzi.

Stornauiolo said: “The restaurant is named after the Edinburgh-born ‘Father of Pop Art’, Eduardo Paolozzi, will combine beer, food and art to celebrate the Great Scot and wider Italian Scottish culture.”

He added: “Eduardo Paolozzi’s artwork will adorn the walls and the interior design has a distinctly Paolozzi feel, with geometric shapes, contrasting textures and bright colour accents.

“A sculptural bar will dominate the front area of the venue, while a cupola, or dome, is being installed in the back of the space, bringing natural light to the dining tables. The old bank deposit vaults are being transformed into colourful toilets, which will play audio clips of stories about Eduardo Paolozzi and some of his works.”

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Paolozzi Restaurant and Bar opening early 2020

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The site, which was previously a Royal Bank of Scotland branch, is a short walk from both the Edinburgh College of Art and the University of Edinburgh, will hold a sizeable collection of his artworks and sculptures. Paolozzi was both a student and a lecturer at the College of Art.

The food menu will fuse Scottish and Italian food. The menu was designed by Stornauiolo, who owned and managed the Nonna’s Kitchen restaurant in Edinburgh’s Churchill after working in The Patio restaurant in Hanover Street’s. He worked alongside his parents in both venues.