Loan delays still causing problems

By:Fiona Gardner & Lauren Redpath

Loan delays still causing problems

The Student Loans Company (SLC) is being blamed for 175,000 students in the UK still waiting to receive their student loans.

Freshers are the hardest hit with just 72% of applications processed, compared with 78% last year, this information was gained by the BBC through the Freedom of Information Act.

The BBC found that the delay was due to problems with the scanning equipment which led to the hold-up meaning that the company has had to go back to the manual process of documents.

At Edinburgh Napier University’s Merchiston campus, many students reported that they are affected by this problem.

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Margaret Dalgleish, Student Funding Advisor at Edinburgh Napier University, says they are experiencing more phone calls than usual about delays with the SLC. She says that students are being told a range of varying amounts of time they will have to wait.

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This comes after NUS Scotland reported that 70% of students work over the 10 hour a week advised time and more than half Scottish students, are having to resort to high cost debt such as credit cards.

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