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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

By James Bradley


As teenage girls across the world quiver in anticipation of seeing the latest movie in the Twilight saga, many are left wondering why?

New Moon is the second high budget movie based on the best selling novels of Stephenie Meyer. And another in a long line of movies which have little originality about them.

Some of the largest movies over the last few years have been based on novels: Lord of the Rings; Harry Potter and even Bridget’s Jones’s Diary. Whilst some were just simple sequels and remakes, such as the two Spiderman sequels and a third one planned. Continue reading Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

Friday the 13th: The return of the revenge of the resurrection of evil!

By James Bradley


2009 is a particularly bad year for paraskavedekatriaphobics, or those with the fear of Friday the 13th. Today marks the third time that the alledgedly unlucky date has appeared this year.

There are many different theories why Friday the 13th has been singled out as an unlucky day. One of the key theories stems from the crucifixion of Christ.
Continue reading Friday the 13th: The return of the revenge of the resurrection of evil!

Meet Usain ‘Bolts’.

James Bradley.

A new Olympics is being planned by China next year for robots.

The event will be held in the north-eastern city of Harbin.

Harbin is home to the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) which already boasts a successful robotic football team.

The competition is only open for humanoid robots, which means that to enter the robots must be human shaped, with two legs and two arms.

This is a change from many other robot competitions which sees a multitude of differently shaped robots depending on the task needing done.

Such as with the ‘Robogames’ which sees a multitude of differently shaped robots taking part in competitions.

According to Hong Rongbing a professor for HIT there events will include; dancing, combat, athletics as well as some non traditional events such as cleaning and medical care.

He went on to say that the aim of the competition is to push forward innovation and make robots more flexible and more intelligent.

The competition will test the robots on their ability to do tasks as well as gauging their intelligence and movement.

Over 100 teams are expected to enter the competition with over 20 countries being represented in over 16 events.

There have been an influx of different robot orientated competitions in the last few years, with a robotic world cup, and even an ‘exotic’ robot competition which replaces traditional sports and tests robots on their ability to mix drinks and smoke cigarettes.

There are even robot driving events where cars are programmed to drive through certain conditions over lengths of road to gauge their performance.

However the robot Olympics will have face their strongest competition from the ‘Robo games’ which has been seen as the highest form of organised competition for robots in the last few years.

Prince Phillip for a new generation

By James Bradley
Prince Edward has caused controversy after commenting on the death of a teenage hiker in Australia this week. After being asked for a comment, rather than just stating his sympathy and sending his wishes to the family, the royal decided that he should go one step further and make a comment that would make his father shed a tear in pride.

Prince Edward stated that the risk of death is appealing to teenagers and young people when it comes to hiking and other activities. Though in my experience teenagers with an interest in death don’t usually spend their time hiking mountains or white water-rafting.

However when it comes to gaffes there is one man, nay hero, in the UK that is somehow able to get away with flagrantly absurd comments without raising much more than a chuckle from the public.

Prince Phillip is this man; somehow he has been able to get away with more gaffes than a Big Brother contestant. Everyone has their own favourite Prince Phillip quotes; I myself am quite fond of: “If it doesn’t fart or eat, she isn’t interested.” A comment on his own daughter Anne, which tells you pretty much all you need to know about the Queen’s hubby.

However, there are a few differences between Prince Phillip and a Big Brother contestant. A Big Brother is only in the spotlight until we get bored of them or their sex tape has poor production values; Prince Phillip is there for life.

And bizarrely enough some of these comments do spark controversy and even anger from certain groups; for the most part his eccentric, almost fantastical views on the world are embraced by the people of the UK.

Why is this though, for what reason do we love these streams of consciousness emanating from what can only be called a true member of the aristocracy? (Mainly because it’s more polite than saying ‘a complete nutter’)

For those against the aristocracy it seems to be an affirmation that people born with blue blood are so completely separated from reality that they are unable to fathom that anything they say could be anything other than completely right and utterly hilarious. And not what those on the receiving end of these statements probably believe i.e. a complete berk.

Those for the aristocracy seem to believe that it’s right for someone with such status to be able to say what he feels, and not be restricted by so called ‘political correctness’. However it should be said that there is a definite difference between being politically correct and having common sense.

However as the years pass and this pillar of respect and solidarity grows older, who will take his place when the unfortunate day comes and he is laid to rest? Who can take the place of the man who once gave his wisdom to several visitors to the orient warning them of the risk that their faces may transform to fit into the society they were now staying: “If you stay here much longer you’ll all be slitty-eyed.”

There can be only one man who can take his place, and that is Prince Edward his son. A man who said that the British media “hates anyone who succeeds”, and spent most of his time trying to create television shows that frankly nobody wanted. This is the man to be the pride of Britain, and our representative to the world, though hopefully not to any country that has an army which is more than five men with a spear.

But why do we need someone who can say these things? Why do we need someone who acts as though he has been pulled straight out of the 1920’s, given a suit and pushed in front of a bunch of foreign dignitaries and given free reign? Well in my opinion, it’s just a bit of a laugh really.

Glasgow hacker loses chance for appeal.

Hacker Gary McKinnon has failed to get permission to appeal to the UK supreme court over his extradition to the US.

Lord Justice Stanley Burnton and Mr Justice Wilkie of the High court judged that the case was of not enough importance to be put forward to the UK Supreme Court, and that the call for extradition was an appropriate response of the American Government considering the alleged offence.

Accused of hacking into US military sites, the US have been trying to extradite Mr Mckinnon, 43, for the last four years, despite knowing about it for seven years.

Mr Mckinnon a sufferer of Aspergers syndrome, a form, of autism has maintained the fact that he only hacked into US government files so he could find evidence of UFO’S and alien technology.

The US government however claims that Mr Mckinnon hacked into 97 computer and created $800,000 (£487,000) worth of damage to American equipment.

They also claim that he changed erased important information at a US naval air station following the attacks on New York at 9/11.

The ruling by the High court comes after the Home Offices decision in July that Mr Mckinnon should be extradited to America, Alan Johnson, Home secretary, stated that:

“It would be illegal for me to stop the extradition of Gary McKinnon, which the court ruling has made clear.

Mr McKinnon is accused of serious crimes and the US has a lawful right to seek his extradition, as we do when we wish to prosecute people who break our laws.”

The decision has sparked anger from autistic charities and civil rights groups that believe that extraditing someone suffering from a mental health problem is wrong.

Liberty the human civil rights group condemned the decision, stating : “Today’s court decision demonstrates the disgrace that is Britain’s extradition arrangements that allow vulnerable people to be shipped off around the world when they should be tried here at home.”

His Mother Janis Sharp who has been campaigning against his extradition spoke out after the ruling was made outside the High Court in London, she said:

“To use my desperately vulnerable son in this way is despicable, immoral and devoid of humanity.”

“I’ve fought for five years to protect my son and I am not about to give up now. I will stop this if it’s the last thing I do. I will not stay by and watch Gary be destroyed.”