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“Jane’s Addiction” release new live DVD

Live Voodoo
Live Voodoo

By Jonathan Bradwell

Californian alternative hard rockers “Jane’s Addiction” have released their brand new live DVD, titled “Live Voodoo”.

The gig, filmed in New Orleans, which features a full live set from there ‘Halloween’ evening show last year, was released yesterday. The release can also be bought on a Blu-Ray disk.

On (at the time of writing) the DVD can be bought at a face value of just £10.99, and the Blu-Ray equivalent for £12.99.

A spokesperson for the band detailed that “This spectacular show captures the band on top form with Perry Farrell at his most mesmerizing and the rest of the band clearly enjoying the occasion”.

What makes this DVD such a remarkable item for “Jane’s Addiction” fans is the line up captured on the DVD is the original line up and founding members of the band back in 1985.

“Jane’s Addiction” DVD “Live Voodoo” therefore consists of a set performed by “Perry Farrell” (Vocals), “Stephen Perkins” (Drums), “Eric Avery” (Bass) and “Dave Navarro” (Guitar).

Bass player “Eric Avery” committed himself to the band again for the 2008 world tour, after previously declining offers to become a member of “Jane’s Addiction” numerous times in the past.

“Eric Avery” no longer remains with the band after they announced they would be writing new material for an as yet un-detailed album. He announced this via his Twitter account by posting the words: “thats it. with equal parts regret and relief, the janes addiction experiment is at an end”, on the 1st of March 2010.

A sneak preview of “Live Voodoo” released by the band shows an astonishing re-enactment of hit song “Stop”. The energetic performance contains some excellent camera work bringing the original line up to life.

“Jane’s Addiction” currently have three studio albums released: “Nothings Shocking”, “Ritual De Lo Habitual” and the latest album “Strays”.

(Picture courtesy of “Sloth Radio”)

NHS launch online mental health check

Courtesy of JWT anxiety index

By Jonathan Bradwell

Last month the NHS launched an online mental health check to their website for people concerned about their mental health and well being.

The tool gives the user a series of questions to answer on a variety of subjects.

Depending on the answers given, the tool then calculates what further information each individual needs, and how to seek further advice.

Jacqui Jedrzejewski, the NHS direct national mental health lead,  stated “The mental health checker provides an approachable channel for people to address their problems and get the help and advice they need”.

This online resource aims to break through the stigma attached to mental health illnesses.

Jacqui Jedrzejewski stated “The aim is to get people on the right track so they can get on going support”.

One of the outcomes of the check can be a call back from a fully trained nurse. However, these outcomes differ greatly, as the check can simply recommend a trip to the GP to speak about what the online check highlighted.

The check even highlights mental health problems associated with low underlying issues, such as stress, which may be linked to a financial problem.

The NHS  highlight that stress is part of our every day lives, and by accepting this, we can begin to tackle mental health problems. This is one of the many areas that the NHS have highlighted to start to deal with mental health issues.

The NHS have a number of other tests, covering a variety of issues, on their website that can be used for a starting point for seeking help about health problems.

Sixteenth victim of Swine Flu in Scotland

By Jonathan Bradwell

Courtesy of ScrapeTV
Courtesy of ScrapeTV

A Fifty Nine year old women from Fife suffering from underlying health problems became the 16th victim of Swine Flu today, just as the vaccination programme began in Scotland.

The vaccination programme aims to distribute the Swine Flu Jab to around 1.3 million people by Christmas time.

This program aims initially to target those people who are in the high risk groups.

These groups include pregnant women and those who work with the sick.

In relation to this, a Scottish government spokesperson said:

“Each GP has contact details for their at risk group and will have a note of who in there surgery is needing a vaccine quickly”.

The government urges those who believe they have been infected with Swine Flu to seek medical help as soon as possible, by sending a friend or a relative to pick up anti virals from a GP or collection point. However, people who think they are infected are advised not to leave their homes.

The spokesperson stated that “They will have a home phone number and a mobile number. A lot of GPs don’t use letters for alerts like this, and use texts”.

The UK government have put in an order to obtain enough Swine Flu vaccines to cover the entire population of the England, Wales and Scotland.

The Scottish government expects supplies of the vaccine to increase in the next few weeks.

The Swine Flu fatality rate is now at 100 deaths in the UK alone.

Four Square stop over hostel turns away applicants

By Jonathan Bradwell.

Courtesy of "State of the Union",
Courtesy of "State of the Union"

Four square, the accommodation and support company for the homeless, has had to turn away applicants in Edinburgh due to its popularity after the closure of other hostels in the city.

Following the closure of Allelon House, the bail hostel in Edinburgh, the stop over accommodation situated on Grove Street has seen a rise in people applying for the temporary housing solutions.

A spokesperson for Four Square told Edinburgh Napier News that “in the last few months, following the Allelon bail house closure, there has been an increase in the applicants here”.

He went on to say that “We only have sixteen beds so we have to turn some people down”.

Following the closure of the bail house, the stop over hostel has seen an increase in applicants who are not suitable for the type of accommodation offered by Four Square at this location.

The Spokesperson commented: “We have the criminal minded wanting to stay at the stop over hostel”. This stop over hostel was not built to accommodate people with criminal records, and so a place can not always be offered.

The stop over hostel owned by Four Square, a company that has its roots back to the 1970’s when the first advice centre was opened, is a refuge for vulnerable youths (aged between 16 and 21), where youngsters can stay up to three months whilst they are given help to relocate.

Interviews are given to newcomers, and then it is decided by two members of staff whether the person is eligible for the emergency housing.