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Rage against the X Factor: Jon Morter forced to use “back-up” web page

"Rage Against the Machine for Christmas no.1" forced to use 'back-up' web page

There were all sorts of allegations flying across the web when Jon Morter’s Facebook creation, ‘Rage Against the Machine for Christmas no.1’, which carries over 800,000 members went down for the nth time in a mere  48 hours.

The page which hopes to propel Rage Against the Machine’s first UK single, Killing in the name, to Christmas number 1 in the UK charts, has been in and out of action more frequently than rumours of Danni Minogue’s X Factor career ending. Fans claimed ‘sabotage’ while Jon Morter, creator of the Facebook page communicated with concerned members that through contact held with the PR team at Facebook, a “bug” had caused the upset.

The site had been disappearing through various points in the day. (arguably during peak times in a Facebook day.) The issue currently remains, with the main site page only accessable late night  through to early afternoon.

The page’s creator, Jon Morter was not only concerned that about the site problem creating a slump in sales, he had also noticed a significant slump in contributions towards Shelter, the charity which fans and members are able to donate to through The charity has already amassed £40,000 in the past four days through donations given by those hoping to see ‘Killing in the name’ chart at the top spot this weekend.

Wasting no time at all a back up page was created, noticeably only carrying an 8th of the members the original page boasted.

Tonight however, radical action has been taken. Jon posted  up a message on the Facebook wall of the back up site letting concerned enthusiasts know what was had happened. Within seconds of posting members were offering suggestions on how to overcome the site’s difficulty. It was decided, that the best option, for the moment, was to withdraw members ability of wall posting on the original site in order to let the site remain operational for all intended purposes.

Now the task at hand is to promote the “official back up site” as the main port of call for all people looking to join; as well as those looking for information on downloading the track, all eligible download sites and rule and regulations of downloading – of which there are many!

Morter also complemented Facebook for their continued telephone contact with him over the past two nights, and stated that it had been a “frustrating time for us all”. He went on to remind members, it is “vital to keep going”, commenting, “We don’t want to get this far and fail at the end!” as there are only three days left of purchasing til the christmas number 1 is revealed.

Rage Against the Machine – ‘Killing in the name’ currently reside top spot in the singles chart, however, it is still expected that sales figures of X Factor winner, Joe McElderry’s cover of ‘The climb’ will catch up and soon overtake as Wednesday saw the release of 500,00 CD singles.

The track is available to download from various websites including,, iTunes, amazon, and Tesco Digital.

Relief as ‘Rage Against the Machine for Christmas no.1’ Facebook page re-appears

For Jon Morter and his 700,000 avid followers, (and counting) of the Facebook page, ‘Rage Against the Machine for Christmas no.1′ it has been an exciting couple of weeks. However last night concerns were raised when Facebook’s most popular campaign page disappeared.

Ringleader, Jon Morter was concerned that the page had been shut down in a bid to halt the masses from buying Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the name.

The page went down last night (13th December), and had been inaccessible today, the day in which Morter’s minions intended to storm the charts by purchasing the 1993 hit.

Speaking to Morter said,

“The group went down last night in which a member of Facebook’s PR team contacted to say it was a ‘bug’,” he continued, “Later in the evening the group returned as normal, but now it’s gone yet again I do start to be concerned.”

Jon’s main concern was that charitable contributions to Shelter had substantially slowed. Members of the group have so far raised in excess of £20,000 for the charity.

In a panic a back-up page was launched while Morter awaited another response from the powers that be at Facebook. However, tonight it would appear that all is well on the camp Rage side as the page is once again functioning as normal.

The track is available to download from various websites including,, iTunes, amazon, and Tesco Digital – and looks to be giving Mr. Mclederry a run for his money currently sitting proudly at number 1 in the HMV download charts, while Joe McElderry sits patiently at number 3. Rage also reside the top spot in Amazon’s top downloads as well as number 1 on However bookies favourite Joe, currently retains the number 1 position on itunes.

Biffy at the Barras

by Holliewould

There are times when music is more than just a catchy melody, a few chords and some singing, and Ayrshire born rockers, Biffy Clyro proved exactly that after a much-anticipated return to an anxious home crowd.

Biffy wasted no time at all storming straight into the fast and furious “That Golden Rule”, followed by equally rapturous, “Living is a Problem”, launching the crowd in a mass frenzy. Back-to-back heavy riffs and stage storming courtesy of Simon Neil made certain that “the Biff” are a force to be reckoned with.

The set consisted heavily of commercially sound tunes from Biffy Clyro’s 4th album release, “Puzzle”. The gig also showcased new songs, “Bubbles”, “Born on a Horse”, “God and Satan” and “Cloud of Stink” from forthcoming album, “Only Revolutions”.

The crowd swelling settled and  everyone got the chance to catch their breath and a soaking of water, whilst lead singer Simon Neil strummed effortlessly the much gentler sound of, “God and Satan” and “Machines”.

Biffy also returned briefly to their former underground glory days, with the surprise reappearance of “There’s no such Thing as Jaggy snake”, which set the crowd into anarchy, and rightly so.

105 minutes of Biffy Clyro was not enough to please a rubber-legged home crowd and so they returned triumphantly for a five song encore, much to the delight of every sweaty, beer sodden fan in the ballroom.

The end did come though, much to the dismay of long time fans, as not one track from “Vertigo of Bliss” had managed to charm its way into energetic set.

The night drew to a glorious close with the smash hit “Mountains”.

simon neil
Biffy Clyro live at the Barrowlands

Biffy Clyro Launch Signature Guitar

Biffy Clyroby Holliewould

Monday saw the launch of Biffy Clyro’s latest offering, no not their new single, it was the launch of their signature guitars.

Fender Squier have released the Simon Neil Signature Stratocaster and  the Fender Squier James Johnston Jazz Bass both of which are based on 60s relics.

Band front man, Simon Neil was thrilled to be approached by Fender, who describe the band as “part of the Fender family”.  Jokingly he commented,

“We have been asking for years to try and get a signature guitar.”

The process of bringing the custom built relics to life began just before the band started recording their newest album, 5th studio release, Only Revolutions, which is due for release on the 9th November 2009.

“For us it was getting the best possible guitar for a reasonably cheap  price. Basically we tried to make them as lovely as the relics we use. We have used these guitars live and they sound amazing.”

The custom relic guitars are a replicas of what lead singer Simon Neil and bassist James Johnston uses on stage.

Neil Whitcher, a representative from Fender UK commented,

“We were working on some Squier instruments and brought some prototypes down and started  chasing them round various dressing rooms. We finally got them some sample instruments and then we took it from there, made a few tweaks, matched some colours, got some logos and here we are.”

Front man Simon Neil could not contain his excitement adding,

“We are delighted. It is such an honour for fender to ask us – and my very first guitar was a Squier, so it has come full circle.

Show You Care

by Hollie Smith

Tesco Barrhead where the events will be taking place
Tesco Barrhead where the events will be taking place

This weekend, residents of East Renfrewshire will be out in force to help raise money for Muscular Dystrophy Campaign and the Army Benevolent Fund.

Tesco in Barrhead will be playing host during the three days of scheduled events which include: face-painting for all, a raffle – with the chance of winning a Tesco goody-filled hamper worth £150 and a car boot sale, which will take place on Sunday.

Margaret MacIver, head of Tesco Barrhead’s charity committee, said:

“We are staging the charity events over three days, from Friday the 9th of October through till Sunday the 11th.
“We are offering a great chance for everyone in our community to get involved and show that they care. Over the three days we hope to raise a total of £1500 so we really would like everyone in the surrounding areas to play a part.

“The car boot sale is our main event, we have already had a great response with over twenty people already signed up to take over one of our car parks for the day but as always we are looking for more.”

If you are unable to give your time this weekend you can still pledge a donation. If you would like to find out more information about the events taking place over the weekend or if you would like to find out how you can play your part contact Margaret MacIver, 0141 532 7319.