by John Stephens

This coming Sunday the nation will fall silent at 11 am as we begin a poignant tribute to the men who have served and are serving in our Armed Forces. However there will still be murmurs of unrest over the furore caused due to comments Robert Kotick has made over his company’s Call of Duty franchise.

CEO of Activision Blizzard, Kotick claims that the recently released Call of Duty: Black Ops is “a tribute to the courage, and the dedication and the sacrifice of those people who defend our … freedom around the world.”

However these statements are being hit back at with games forums buzzing with criticisms of the CEO. One avid gamer, Michael Forrest was eager to display his viewpoint on the whole situation as we have passed November 11th and are gearing up towards the annual Remembrance Sunday congregations.

“The game does not represent real war, if your artificial intelligence comrades are gunned down in battle more respawn, ready to die over and over again with infinite lives. Real war heroes only have one life unlike those represented in the Black Ops game and throughout the Call of Duty franchise. The game is not a tribute, it is an insult and it glorifies war.”

A scene from the recently released Black Ops game- Credit: Activison Blizzard
Denton Wilson, Prostate cancer survivor
Denton Wilson, Prostate cancer survivor

by John Stephens

Usually November marks the entrance of winter and the donning of accessories to hold warmth within your body as the winter slowly creeps in like a militant involved in guerrilla warfare. Thermal gloves, waterproof jackets, and ski hats are all seen as necessities… and now, if you are a man so is a moustache.

The moustache is however not purely for heat-retaining properties or as a fashion accessory, but more a symbol. Gavin Brown MSP for the Lothians was willing to share his experience and thoughts on the Movember campaign, as various MSP’s are campaigning and all pitching in to help spread awareness of men’s health issues.

“I was e-mailed by constituents mid-October asking if I was taking part in the campaign. It was then that I decided to do it as it is undoubtedly a good cause and growing a moustache is definitely worthwhile to help address serious issues such as prostate and testicular cancer.”

By Oliver Hughes

Last night avid gamers queued for hours in the November cold to get their hands on Microsoft’s latest, and

Microsoft have bigger living rooms then most.

distinctly “hands off”, piece of technology. Kinect works using the latest in motion control technology, implementing 3D infrared cameras to sense the gamers movement and generate an in game, virtual model from over 40 points of a players body working in almost real time.