trams in Edinburgh

By Graeme McLarty

Edinburgh’s controversial tram project is to face a full inquiry by audit Scotland following claims that it has been financially mismanaged.

The report into the mismanagement of the £600 million project is being prepared for release early next year.  It is expected to look into the fact that transport Scotland have continued to fund the project despite knowing that it was massively over budget. They are also accused of not properly monitoring or looking into what the money was actually being spent on.

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Napoleon once said:  “If earth was a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.” Turkey is a spectacular country full of history, ancient monuments and natural wonders. Once home to the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, Turkey is littered with wonderfully preserved ancient sites.

The most beautiful landmark is the Blue Mosque. Founded by Sultan Ahmet I, the mosque was completed in 1616. It’s a spectacular in all angles and the interior is simply stunning. The Blue Mosque has tall slender minarets that are outstanding and the mosques round curved domes, which race up into the sky. The marble courtyard is huge with fountains neatly placed for people to perform spiritual Wuzu. Upon entering the building look up and feel the height of the roof starting to make you feel unsteady, and your eyes captured by the dangling chandeliers, blue decorated ceramic tiles and 260 windows, which lighten the mosque. The Blue Mosque is Istanbul’s must see structure.