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Edinburgh hosts Scotland’s largest school MUN Conference

One of Britain’s largest Model United Nations Conferences took place in Edinburgh this weekend.

Over 600 teenagers took part in the three-day conference at George Watson’s College. Now in its sixth year, it is the biggest school-based MUN in Scotland and attracts participants from as far afield as Egypt and Turkey.

Alexandra Wingate reports exclusively from the conference.

What is an MUN?

An MUN is a replica of the United Nations. As well as having a secretary general and a number of chairs, the conference consists of a variety of committees, a security council, a general assembly and an emergency debate.

Participants are assigned a member state which they then represent in various discussions. The challenge is for delegates to accurately portray the political policies and moral values of their assigned country, which usually differs in varying degrees to that of their own nation.

How does an MUN work?

As in the real United Nations, an MUN is primarily split into different committees which are attended by one delegate from each state. In George Watson’s case, these consist of economic, environment, health, human rights, media, and political, with as many as 48 countries represented in each committee.

After lobbying for support, delegates can put forward a formal resolution for discussion. The proposal is then debated with opportunities to add amendments before the final resolution is voted on by all members. This format is replicated throughout the conference, in both the smaller security council and the large general assembly attended by all delegates from all countries.

The debates are formal and procedures are carefully overseen by a number of chairs. Discussions are detailed and rigorous with a typical session lasting around one to two hours.

King's School in Chester won the award for Best Delegation
Image: Alexandra Wingate

Comment: George Watson’s College’s MUN Conference

Possible Junk Food Advert Ban

Scotland’s Public Health Minister, Michael Matheson,  has introduced a pre-9pm ban on the television advertising of foods which are high in fat, sugar and salt content.

Matheson has also written to Westminster Health Secretary Andrew Lansley asking whether he would support a move to introduce this ban across the UK.

“We want to introduce a pre-watershed ban and are looking to the UK Government to support such a move which would carry the additional benefit of encouraging our partners in the food industry to reformulate their produce to lower salt, fat and sugar content,” said Matheson.

The ban would restrict the viewing of junk food and sugary snacks and affect a wide range of corporations such as Pizza Hut, Mars, Cadbury, KFC and McDonalds.

With the highest obesity rate in the UK, the new proposal is intended to combat Scotland’s obesity problem. Particularly Scotland’s childhood obesity which is a concern for heath experts with 1 in 5 primary school children being considered overweight. Currently there is a ban on advertising junk food during children programs, how ever Matheson is seeking tighter regulations and further actions.

“Broadcast advertising influences the choices made by children and can shape their attitudes to food as they grow into adulthood.  Tackling obesity and encouraging people to make healthier life choices is one of the most important things we can do to improve the health of our nation,” continued Matheson.

Even if Westminster refuses to join with the ban, the Scottish Government with still mover to introduce the ban within the country.

Mother’s Day

By Silvia Montes and Sam Khan-McIntyre

Mother’s Day


Mother’s day has it its origins deep in history, falling on the middle Sunday of Lent, the Christian time of has been celebrated on this day since the 16th century.This day was chosen because the fasting rules were relaxed, due to the biblical story of feeding the five thousand.

It is believed the celebration is influenced by the Roman Spring Festival of Cybele, the Mother Goddess.The date for this was chosen by Christians as the religion spread.

400 years ago, this was the day when people visited their mother church, it was said they had gone ‘a mothering’.This was the largest church in the area, and where they had been baptised.

Click on this link for Simnel cake, a traditional British cake with young servants baked and took home to their mothers on this day, the only day of the year they were allowed to visit their families.

This may be a special present to bake this year to show your mother how much you love her and make her feel special with something personal

Guinea pig sets new world record

New record: Truffles makes a daring leap Video: YouTube/ The Courier

A Scots guinea pig has joined the ranks of many animal stars from across the world to break a record in the Guiness Book of World Records 2013.

Truffles, from Rosyth, Fife, jumped 30cm (12in) smashing the previous record held by London rodent Diesel who cleared a gap of 20.5cm (8.07in) in 2009. He has had his feat confirmed by the record breaking institution and will take part in a publicity for the launch of the latest edition of the book.

Thirteen year old Chloe Macari trained her pet to leap the distance after being inspired by Disney film, G-Force, in which  a group of  guinea pigs become special agents of the FBI.

“I had two shoe boxes and these cushions between them for safety,” the youngster explained. “We kept moving the shoe boxes further and further apart. We started at around 15cm and he was quite good. He got to 20cm and then 25cm very quickly, within a few weeks.”

The giant leap was filmed to ensure the record could be approved.

Edinburgh University may see a 24-hour library

A campaign will be launched during the Students Association elections at the end of March for the main library building on George Square to be open 24 hours a day.

The Student Council has already managed to extend the opening hours to 2:30am, and have previously argued for a 24-hour policy. Members of EUSA will now add their voice to the campaign, which is also keen to see other areas of the University, such as the Chrystal Macmillan building, extend their opening hours. Continue reading Edinburgh University may see a 24-hour library

‘No Smoking Day’ urges Scots to quit

With 25% of adults smoking cigarettes, Scotland has the UK’s highest percentage of smokers according to Government statistics.  With this in mind, the nation will participate in the 28th annual “No Smoking Day” on 14 March, Ash Wednesday.

This year the British Heart Foundation has merged with the  “No Smoking Day” charity, to support anti-smoking events at thousands of venues across the UK.

According to The Director of Policy and Communications for the BHF, “by joining forces we can enhance the No Smoking Day campaign and extend its reach, helping more people to quit… for both organisations, the opportunities posed by this merger were too good to miss.”

Telford college launch LGBT video

Edinburgh’s Telford College is shining a light on homophobia and bullying today through the launch of a film from the LGBT society.

Featuring students and members of staff, the video focuses on personal experience, tackling hard-hitting issues such as suicide and self harm, while promoting acceptance and tolerance. Continue reading Telford college launch LGBT video

Capital scrubs-up a Mile!

This week volunteers, business people, residents and council workers have been cleaning up the Royal Mile.  The work is helping to conserve and manage the famous street to stop its reputation slipping.  After a workshop organised by the council thirty people split into groups of four to repaint, pick up litter and remove graffiti from Castle Hill, Lawnmarket, High Street and the Canongate. A Royal Mile Manager will be appointed to help make the street “feel better” to walk around and the council believe the project will continue over 15 to 20 years. Edinburgh Napier News visited the Royal Mile today to have a look at this weeks result and find out people’s thoughts.

New Pinhole Exhibition Invites All to Get Involved

The Botanic Gardens have today unveiled a new festival focusing on pinhole photography. The event is scheduled to run for two weeks, and is designed to be accessible to both professional and amateur photographers, as well as interested members of the public.

Kenny Bean organised the exhibit and has been working as a photographer for 25 years, branching out into pinhole photographs around 5 years ago. He described how “film cameras and digital cameras are quite strict in the photography that you do – you can see the image come back so you know its going to work, whereas pinhole photography is very random. You’re not sure what you’re going to get so it’s more of a surprise and it’s a different challenge to get a picture out of a pinhole camera than a digital camera.”

The festival includes works by Jason Cornell, an artist who places a pinhole camera in his mouth and photographs everyday objects, as seen from the back of the throat. Minnie Veiss, another proponent of the art, uses a Camera Obscura set-up in conjunction with pinhole techniques.

The Stills Gallery and the Camera Obscura building are also involved in the project, with the gallery hosting a reading room where people can learn more about methods and techniques. The Camera Obscura is hosting children’s workshops where kids can make a working camera obscura, which they can then take home.

The festival is open every day from 12 till 4pm, and features an open dark room for visitors to use as they wish. For complete novices, Bean explains that they are running “a beginners workshop, 2 till 3 o’clock every afternoon, so they can come and learn…how to take photographs with biscuit tin cameras…and then once they’ve learned how to do that they can come back…and just carry on working in the dark room themselves.”

Lothian buses hike prices again

Bus passengers in Edinburgh are facing a new round of price increases this week. This marks the second price rise by Lothian Buses in 12 months.

As of the 4th of March 2012, single fare prices are rising from £1.30 to £1.40, while day passes are rising from £3.20 to £3.50. There have been no changes to student, child, or concession fares. The last price rise was in April 2011, when single fare prices rose from £1.20 to £1.30.

Continue reading Lothian buses hike prices again