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Wednesday 30th October 2013

By David Thomson
After a briefing from Kate as to the process of the news day, volunteers where needed for Picture Editor, Copy Editor, Deputy Editor and most importantly Editor.
As each person volunteer which position, it was left to me to become Editor.
First, we had a confidence where we would fire any news stories. As there weren’t any new articles as it being the first one, I was trying to find an angle to go.
Once the articles were done, I looked those days’ papers, to check for a different take on a news story. I checked twitter, for any breaking news
Then I walked the room to make sure everyone was fine. Apart from minor problems and technical hitches, it went well. Everyone who had an article to write coped with the deadlines.
It took a while to get into my stride. Apart from editing the Newsletter recently for my local Community Council in Gourock, it was the first time of doing anything major like this. After a while, I went with my instincts, or as Gibbs would say in NCIS, my gut.
If I will do it again, not only it will be organised, I would be more assertive in the conference. Obviously I would be more prepared as who was doing what before the news day.
A big thank you to everyone should go out to everyone involved. You all have done a great job.
It was a certainly an enjoyable experience and I would recommend anyone to do it.”.

Tuesday 21st October 2009

By Tracy Norris

As the only volunteer, I was selected as a good option (only option) for Editor for our second Rolling News Day. Ever happy with a clipboard in hand (or white board marker pen in this case), I was back on familiar territory. The only major disadvantage is not getting a chance to air my own great stories I had lined up.

My story contributions were not needed though, as the team came up with one after another great story covering soft news, hard news, local and international stories. To be fair, this was more luck than judgement, but the lesson was recognized that balance and variety wins points: wins prizes! We’ll be making sure we get the same balance for the assessed Rolling News Day in a fortnight.

Each story was quickly briefed and everyone committed to their own deadlines. Unlike our first rolling news day, the room immediately settled into a hum of typing and audible thought. The cogs were whirring!  The first deadlines were pre-empted which set the tone for the morning.One after another story hit deadline, with around 90% completed by the news day end at 11.30 and the final stories skidding in within the next five minutes. Students helped each other with stories, headlines and technical challenges, working as a team.

Today was the day to get to grips with tags, links, by lines and photos, not forgetting captions. These improved quickly. The writing itself was top notch, with just a few typos to be corrected. There was real evidence of prior planning as fewer people were dependent on getting the quotes they needed against the clock, having researched well in advance.

The result was one of the most productive and successful news days seen at Edinburgh Napier.  As the buzz died down, many students left the room with boosted confidence in their abilities and much more comfortable with the pressure of the Rolling News Day. The prospect of the assessed ‘RND’ is one we can all really look forward to getting our teeth into. Well done everyone!

Wednesday 7th October 2009

by Neil Stewart

After waking up to sour milk, burnt toast and wet clothes I had an incline that today was going to be challenging. I sauntered into,  ‘live-rolling news day,’ prepared to click a keyboard and fight a headache until my coffee break. Unfortunately, since high-school I’ve been dogged with an irrepressible habit to volunteer for anything and everything. Next thing I knew I was editor.

The stories unfolded thick and fast, leads were found and lost, copy was filed and sweating brows were wiped. The beauty of being live rolling news editor is the sense of power you feel in bringing the unknown to the unknowing – making locals more informed about the town in which they live. Also, I could appreciate fully the talent I was working with every day – everyone coped really well – and as well as bringing together news the experience brought our  news team closer together. This was the day’s greatest story.

Monday 16th March 2009

What a long day! It started when the alarm went off at 6.30 and I started listening to the TV headlines. But yesterday I  had  read the Sundays and picked off the stories we might want to do culminating in another email to the teams to get their minds active.

Noone has lost their temper  despite the fact that my Metro horoscope should have been a warning to all of the team that I was a firecracker ready to go off…no that humming sound is actually the two fans in the room to help us keep our cool.

Stewart has done a sterling job as always on Sport. He was down at Easter Road on Saturday getting some GVs of the fans on their way to the Edinburgh Derby.  He had already written one article before we got here this morning and has written more during the day.

Domenica our News Editor and has quietly and efficiently produced a couple of articles including a very late one – News in Brief.

Sarah & Vikki have been grappling with the technology of audio for our site as well as going out on the streets to get vox pops.

Kirstyn and Liz have written their hearts out, made phone calls and generally written great copy for the news stories which were chosen at our first meeting this morning. As well as this Kirstyn has posted her film reviews for us too.

Jodi has been subbing and tweeting in the corner to keep us all right and Laura has found us some wonderfully appropriate photos to show off all the stories at their best.

I feel we have really worked as a proper team today and we have all contributed to another rung on the learning ladder towards becoming real journalists. Kate and Ian as always have been really supportive for which we thank them.

Phyllis Stephen


Thursday, 20th November 2008

As the dust settles on our first live new day I must applaud every member of the news team. From our first meeting on Wednesday everyone contributed fantastic ideas not only for stories but the way they were going to cover them.

On the day everyone was utterly professional. Some stories fell through but we managed to find others to cover. I’m sure everyone who looks at the website will be not only impressed with the quantity of work, but also the quality of the audio, written and video news published which everyone should be extremely proud of.From parking wardens to injecting fake tan, speeding motorists to ‘The hand of god’; what diversity!

It was a learning experience, and many of us found out just how long audio and video packages can take to put together, so looks like some new strategies will be implemented next time round.

However forgetting the negatives I must congratulate everyone: Ashley, Ashleigh, Gary, Graeme, Craig, Sven, Jen, Olivia, Annia, Nicol, Nichole, Greg, Steven, Lucy, Courtnay, Dionne, Jenna, Fiona and Kellie.

Everyone did a great job and it was a pleasure working with you.

Until next time….

Daniel Parker

Convergence Editor

Tuesday, 11th October 2008

Mairi and I (Debbie Smith) were editors for this mornings live rolling news day. We decided on the news agenda in conference and allocated stories to all the journalists along with a deadline. Unfortunately we were not able to source the requested water cooler for the conference room!!

Uploading live news has run much smoother this week as everyone is feeling much more comfortable with the format and there appears to be a greater level of confidence in our own abilities to write to a professional standard, maybe this is down to Kate telling us we are the best class!!

Week begining Monday 27th October

This is second year journalism students in editorial conference at 9.30 am discussing which articles they will be writing for their live rolling news day that morning.  The whole team debated the news values and newsworthiness of each possible story.  The ideas were taken from breaking news that day.  The two student editors allocated stories to the editorial team and discussed the schedule of stories for that morning.  The editorial team then researched and wrote the stories, getting sources and quotes and finding photos and video clips.  The 5 lead stories were filed by 10.45 and the remaining longer 10 by 11.30.