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Media Mondays – Lynne McCrossan – 21.10.2013

????????????????????Edinburgh based fashion writer Lynne McCrossan is to be the latest guest at the Media Mondays lecture series run by the School of Journalism.
The Style Columnist, who writes for both the Edinburgh Evening News and Scotland on Sunday, was a former resident expert on STV’s The Hour and also authored the book “A Girl’s Guide to Vintage”.
Speaking about her career, Lynne said: “It’s about picking projects you are passionate about and more often than not seizing opportunities open to you.”
Lynne will take part in a Q and A with students on Monday 21st October, 1-2pm in F10, Merchiston.

Listen Here:



Media Mondays 14.01.2013 – Colin Blane

By Lauren Elliott:
An insightful masterclass given to us by none other than the inspiring Colin Blane, Scottish Correspondent at BBC News. Born in Nairobi, he went on to study at Glasgow University where he graduated with an MA Hons in Medieval and Modern History in 1976.

Today, Colin tells us about the delights and dangers foreign corresponding has to offer, including his own shocking personal experiences. From a shooting in Whitehaven to bombings in Lockerbie, this lecture offers not only a professional point of view, but a personal one too. Colin tells us how he worked his way up the ladder working at the Sunday Post, travelling to China and Nairobi to cover stories and finally landing on his feet as a Scottish Correspondent focusing on radio.

Expect lots of exciting stories, lots of shocks and alarms and a lot of insight and useful advice not only in foreign correspondence, but in journalism itself.

Listen Here:



Kirsty Wark Lecture 3/12/2012

By: Lauren Elliott and Lisa Mitchell
The final talk in our Media Monday sessions of 2012. Newsnight presenter, Kirsty Wark, shares her invaluable experiences and gives crucial advice on broadcasting. From how to get the most out of an interviewee to her encounter with Margaret Thatcher, Kirsty makes not only a useful speech but an enjoyable one too.

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Media Mondays-Rosalind McInnes-26.11.2012

By: Lauren Elliott, Lisa Mitchell and Alex Neal.
The latest edition of the Media Mondays series discussed law in the media with BBC Scotland’s principal lawyer Rosalind McInnes. During this talk, she provided a fabulous explanation of the three main problems journalists face in legalising work produced, and gave a basic understanding of the legal aspects that all journalists should be aware of. In light of recent events this talk was perfectly timed to show how professionals can avoid straying over legal boundaries.

Listen Here:



Simon Pia Lecture 12/11/2012

By: Lauren Elliott and Lisa Mitchell
Some journalists can change the world by a flick of their pen or by a probing question at the end of their package.  They are able to do this because they aren’t afraid of “the powers that be” and their reaction.  You can’t be frightened to challenge authority.  How else would you get things done? How else could you stand up for what you believe in?
This is what today’s Media Monday session was all about; Simon Pia, a known anarchist of the news industry, provides hints and tips of how to ruffle a few feathers.

Listen Here:



Alan Clements Lecture 05/10/2012

By: Lauren Elliott and Lisa Mitchell
The next installment of the Media Monday lectures has arrived; The Director of Content at STV, Alan Clements, one of the most influential men in broadcasting has come to Napier to talk about his career and his experiences in the world of media.

Listen Here:



Alan Little Lecture 08/10/2012

By: Lauren Elliott and Lisa Mitchell
The first of a series of powerhouse lectures by the biggest and best in British Journalism has finally been introduced to Edinburgh Napier News. The listings of popular and influential journalistic minds will be tagged on Twitter under the name Media Mondays. This week we had the privilege to host a masterclass starring BBC special correspondent and legend, Allan Little. In his lecture he talks about ‘good writing’ and his experiences in the field.

Listen Here:


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