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Unprovoked Attack on Teen Prompts Appeal

By Katy Docherty

After a teenager was left with a broken jaw in an unprovoked attack, Lothian and Borders police are now appealing for any witnesses.

The victim and his friend were attacked at 3am Monday morning in the Tollcross area of Edinburgh after leaving Lava and Ignite nightclub. The two teenagers were returning home when a group of men approached them on Ponton Street. There does not appear to be any apparent motive for the attack.

The boys both suffered serious blows to the face.They had to be taken by ambulance to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary where they received medical treatment.

The suspect is a white man with short blond hair and approximately 5ft 10ins tall. He is estimated to be anything from 17 -23 years old. At the time of the attack the suspect was wearing a red checked shirt with a white pattern and jeans.

The police are now asking witnesses to step forward. A spokesman says, “Anyone who was in the area at the time and saw what happened should contact police immediately.”

Police are also appealing to anyone who might recognise the description of the suspect or have any other information that might help investigations.

Anyone who feels that they can offer any information should contact Lothian and Borders Police or Crimestoppers.

Teenager admits murder in Edinburgh trial

John Reid. Photo: Edinburgh Evening News

By Elizabeth (Xiaoqing Ding)

A teenager has admitted the killing of a Chinese takeaway driver in Edinburgh.

John Reid, 16, pleaded guilty at Edinburgh High Court to charges of culpable homicide, which took place on August 11.

Simon San, who was born in Vietnam of Chinese Origin worked as a delivery driver of  Yong Hua Gardens Takeaway.  Mr San died of a head injury after being punched by Reid.

“He did not stagger, he fell straight down. The back of his head connected with a flat section of the pavement. I would describe the noise as a sickening thud. He was lying on his back and did not move. I knew straight away he was in trouble,” described by the witness, Callum Milne.

The teenager also took part in a robbery at a home of a disabled mother and her four children several months before. He burst into the home with two other robbers at around 11.50pm on January 11.”I was told again and again that me and my kids would be stabbed to death if we didn’t help them.” said by the mother.

Mr San was described as a hard working, loyal man who never did any harm by his family. ” The San family will never stop grieving for the loss of their much-loved innocent son and brother.” heard from the court. His closed friend said the loss of Mr San had destroyed the family.

Reid allegedly picked on Mr San’s vehicle just because it is a Smart car. Lord Matthews thought the teenager’s behaviour was “unacceptable feral activity”.

The murder is being handled in the High Court in Edinburgh. John Reid will be sentenced next month.

Toddler given compensation after attack from playmate

Jay Jones
Jay was seriously injured

By Charlotte Prentice

The mother of a toddler who was hit repeatedly by another 3-year old has won the right to compensation after a long two-year battle against the The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Jay Jones, of Merseyside, was left for dead after he was hit over the head with a car jack 11 times while the boys were left alone in the car.

Jay’s attack in December 2007  suffered serious injuries that required stitches, his attacker “kept on lashing out even though Jay was screaming out in pain and covered in blood”, his mother said.

CICA was in a two-year legal dispute in this case because the attacker was only three years old and could not be prosecuted.

Renai Williams, Mother, said: “This has been a long and hard-fought process. We have been knocked back twice by the CICA because, in my opinion, they didn’t take my son’s case seriously.”

Ms Williams appealed the case which went to a tribunal and they decided in her favour.

 Michelle Armstrong, who represented the family said:

“We argued that the age of the perpetrator was irrelevant when claiming compensation from the CICA, it was at this point that we won.”

The legal age for criminal responsibility in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is 10 and in Scotland it is only 8. 

 Solicitor Advocate John Scott commented:

” The reason that children aren’t prosecuted is because we accept the age of criminal responsibility is well above that level, it’s just so when children are behaving like children it’s not labelled as a crime.”

He added, “The Bulgar case involved two children there were serious questions about whether we should be prosecuting children as young as that in a trial setting, even with such a serious crime.

I don’t think in this case the boy should be labelled as if he was an adult. What the boy’s mother said is understandable but three-year old kids don’t have an understanding of damage. There is a bill going through parliament just now to increase the age of criminal responsibility in Scotland to 12.”

Manager of Jigsaw Nursery, Edinburgh, talked about toddler behaviour:

“Boys aged from 3-4 are generally more aggressive than girls because they have huge testosterone levels, the little boy who attacked Jay Williams wouldn’t stop because he didn’t  know the harm that was going on.”

Holyrood defenceless against suicide attacks

By Laura Mclean

The Scottish Parliament is not strong enough to withstand a suicide bomb attack, despite having had £90 million spent on bomb-proofing the building, according to a report by the The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure.

A ring of steel and concrete is to be erected surrounding the Scottish Parliament , two years after MI5 warned that not enough measures were being taken to protect Holyrood.

The move comes after the terror attack on Glasgow Airport 2 years ago when a Jeep Cherokee loaded with propane canisters was driven into the glass terminal doors at Glasgow International Airport.

A Parliament insider said today that discussions about increasing security have been in the pipeline for years but up until now no changes have been brought about.

He said: “The existing bollards were not thought to be strong enough and the fear was that a car being driven at speed could come through the glass front and into the building.”


Over £90 million was spent bomb proofing the interior and exterior of the Scottish Parliament. But today it has been announced that a further £1.5 million is to be spent on a package of security improvements including new security gates and bollards will be erected at the entrance to the Holyrood building.

The architectural demands and safety regulations on the building were amongst the most rigorous in the construction industry in the 1990s. Consturcted from a mixture of granite, steel and glass the project was deemed as bomb-proof.

A spokeswoman for the Scottish Parliament said they are taking measures to install street furniture that will fit with the surrounding area. She said:  “The intention is to produce additional security measures, which are tasteful and merge with the iconic status of the Scottish Parliament building.”

Security bollards surrounding the airport entrance stopped the car from entering the terminal. MI5 say that a similar attack in Edinburgh can be prevented by erecting a further 162 bollards outside of the Scottish Parliament

City councillors have reassured local residents that no additional clutter will be made to the Canongate streets.