Free WiFi in Edinburgh city centre goes live

Photo credit: PublicDomainPictures

Photo credit: PublicDomainPictures


In light of the present and upcoming Christmas and Hogmanay celebrations, Edinburgh has launched it’s new free WiFi service in the city centre. [Read more…]

Top 5 things to do this week

Photo credit: Andrew Hamilton

Photo credit: Andrew Hamilton


I’m sorry to disappoint, but we’re looking at yet another week of freezing weather… Since it always helps to have a reason to leave the house, here’s our top 5 things to do in Edinburgh this week: [Read more…]

Fears for family centre after staff cuts

Credit Alumy

Credit: Alumy

Dr Bell’s Family Centre in Leith has been forced to sack staff members following funding cuts.

The Leith-based support centre for families with young children attributed recent cuts to their crèche services, and staff lay offs to a reduction in the city council’s annual grant from £95,000 to £47,000.

Centre manager Fiona Clark said to Edinburgh Evening News that the deepening funding crisis may result in complete closure by April next year.

Dr Bell’s Family Centre opened its doors in August 2006, and was set up as a partnership between local people, Edinburgh City Council and NHS Lothian.

The centre operates with ten staff members and the help of volunteers. Concerns are raised over the future of the organization after all ten staff have received redundancy notes.

Providing a crèche for over 200 children, the centre also offers cookery classes and other services like family support and counselling for dozens of families, according to Clark.

More to follow.

By Iben Revsbech and Alena Yakushova


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