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Court hears phone abuse evidence in murder case

A millionaire made infuriated threats in an enraged phone call to his brother, Toby, hours before Toby was killed, the high court heard.

Later that day, Toby Siddique, 38, was murdered in his flat on Forres Drive in Glenrothes on October 25 2010. His brother, Mo Siddiq, 34, was charged with murder and conspiracy to murder last year. The accused, Mo Siddique, was arrested under suspicion of hiring assassins. Two Bulgarian men, Tencho Andonov, 28, and Nikolov, 27, were accused of carrying out the murder.

The third brother Aleem Siddique, 40, gave evidence this week. Yesterday he told the high court that his brother had made a phone call to him after a dispute about a BMW. Mo said, “I’ll hit him.”

Advocate depute John Scullion, prosecuting, then read out his statement from October 2010 recounting the same phone call. “He’s not my brother blah, blah, blah, I’ll kill him.”

Much discussion followed on the similarity of the words “hit” and “kill” in Punjabi. At one point the judge stepped in, telling Siddique that he was right to object to the prosecution’s ‘confusing’ questions.

He said, “It’s a bit of a coincidence that the police have noted down the translation of the similar word in Punjabi that is the word for kill?”

Mr Scullion said, “I’m asking you about how the words came to be on that page. Is it your evidence on oath that the police who noted this statement simply made up these words?”

Aleem said, “I’m not saying the police officer lied but I did not say those words. Whatever happened on the 26th, the mistake is the police officer’s, the mistake is not mine.”

Derek Ogg QC, defence for, then asked “Do you feel in a difficult position coming to court with one brother murdered and one accused?”

In tears, Mr Siddique replied, “I just want justice, that’s all that matters”.

He agreed with Mr Ogg that “you would not tell lies for Mo but wont tell lies against him either”.

The examination went on to reveal that it seemed the accused had been sleeping on the night of the murder, when the witness woke him up. He said he had to repeat the news a couple of times to Mo who “didn’t register”.

The court heard that Mo was “in shock” and crying when both brothers visited their widowed sister-in-law’s house immediately to pay their respects.

Ogg then focussed on inheritance motives. “Did Toby’s wife say things to you about her suspicions that each brother had a will that would inherit the other brother if they died? She told me Mo would get everything.

“You asked Mo if he stood to gain. At Toby’s house you had been constantly told gossip by… I need you to say the words.”

Aleem Siddique said, “His wife and mother.”

The trial continues.

Second Teenager Assaulted In Glenrothes

Two teenagers have been assaulted in Fife town Glenrothes over the space of two days.

An 18 year old woman was approached by a man in the Stenton area around 2030 on Wednesday night. She was grabbed but managed to run away.

The suspect has been described as being in his late 30s, 6ft tall, well built and has short brown hair. He was wearing a white polo shirt which had writing on the front and dark jeans.

A 15 year old was also assaulted in Glenrothes on Monday night when she was making her way home from Anima night club area to Pitteuchar around 2200.

The suspect has been described as being in his late 20s and of slim build. He has been reported have been wearing a dark coloured waterproof jacket and jeans. He also smelled strongly of alcohol.

The girl became aware of a man following her after she passed the night club in Church Street. She then made her way along Seaton Path, across Warout Road, then through Warout Woods towards Pitteuchar. She was then grabbed from behind when she approached Craigievar Drive and sexually assaulted.

Police are not linking the two incidents but are keeping an open mind. They want to speak to anyone who has any further information.

The victim of Monday’s incident has been described to have been wearing light coloured clothing and had been carrying a carrier bag.

Officers particularly want to talk to a man seen walking in Craigievar Drive on Monday night who may have seen the victim. He has been described as being in his early 20s.

They also are appealing to speak to a group of people who were seen standing near the entrance of Anima. It is thought that they may have seen the victim when she walked past at around 2140 on Monday.

Glenrothes by-election

By Nicola Dick

lindsayLabour have victory over SNP in the Glenrothes by-election.

Lindsay Roy won with a majority of 6 737 over competitor SNP’s Peter Grant. The new MP has now left his job as rector of Kirkcaldy High School.

The election resulted with Lib Dems in 3rd with 947 votes, and Tories in 4th with 1381 votes.

Former Labour MP John MacDougall died in August after being diagnosed with asbestos related cancer mesothelioma. Mr Roy will now take his place.

Mr Roy met Prime Minister Gordon Brown for breakfast before taking his seat in the House of Commons. He was given a welcoming cheer before entering.

Mr Brown has described Mr Roy’s victory as being a vote of confidence in the government’s handling of the economic crisis. He stated that the result proved people were prepared to support governments who offer them “real help.”

The 59-year-old was Mr Brown’s head teacher at his former high school. He is also a father of three and has a passion for football and mountain biking.

He also spoke of his admiration for Mr Brown believes he has helped in his win:

“With Gordon Brown, Britain is strong. With Gordon Brown, Labour has won here in Glenrothes and central Fife.”

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon described the result as being “very disappointing” for SNP. She also accused Labour’s campaign of being “negative” and focused on the one issue.

Unpredicted Labour Party Comeback

By Lizzie Beattie

According to a new YouGov poll the SNP may have lost their lead in the Glenrothes by-election today amid a u-turn on their local income tax plan.

Over the last seven weeks Labour’s popularity has increased by six points, coinciding with a dip of five points for the SNP. This leaves the Labour Party ahead with 38 per cent of Glenrothes votes.

Traditionally a safe Labour seat, the SNP lead polls in Glenrothes until yesterday. Gordon Brown’s visit to his old constituency compounded Labour’s rise in popularity and the down-fall of the SNP. Voters also cited Brown’s handling of the credit crisis and the SNP’s u-turn on income tax as reasons for the rise in popularity.

The SNP’s promise of abolishing council tax and replacing it with local income tax was what made them popular with many voters. However, amid criticism from some quarters that this may benefit the rich, the SNP have withdrawn this scheme and now plan to put a tax of 3 pence in the pound on unearned income. This is seen as a massive u-turn by voters and many feel cheated, resulting in Labour’s renewed popularity in Glenrothes.