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Guinea pig sets new world record

New record: Truffles makes a daring leap Video: YouTube/ The Courier

A Scots guinea pig has joined the ranks of many animal stars from across the world to break a record in the Guiness Book of World Records 2013.

Truffles, from Rosyth, Fife, jumped 30cm (12in) smashing the previous record held by London rodent Diesel who cleared a gap of 20.5cm (8.07in) in 2009. He has had his feat confirmed by the record breaking institution and will take part in a publicity for the launch of the latest edition of the book.

Thirteen year old Chloe Macari trained her pet to leap the distance after being inspired by Disney film, G-Force, in which  a group of  guinea pigs become special agents of the FBI.

“I had two shoe boxes and these cushions between them for safety,” the youngster explained. “We kept moving the shoe boxes further and further apart. We started at around 15cm and he was quite good. He got to 20cm and then 25cm very quickly, within a few weeks.”

The giant leap was filmed to ensure the record could be approved.

A ‘Dooking’ World Record Attempt

Locals in Peebles are to attempt to break a seasonal world record this weekend.

 Around 200 people are expected to turn up at The Gytes Leisure Centre on Saturday to ‘dook’ for apples. The event is hoped to form a new world record for most people bobbing for apples.

 The local businessman who came up with the idea, Euan Carr, said: “This event is for everyone to have fun and we hope to put Peebles on the map.”

 Entry is free and those coming along are asked to bring a bucket with them. The event is not reliant on the weather as the forestry commission have supplied tarpaulins and plastic sheeting for it to be held inside if necessary. The community have also been pitching in and donating apples for the event.

 The event is one of a series in which it is hoped to raise enough money to purchase Christmas lights. Mr Carr said: “The day is also to raise money for the town’s Christmas lights and we need about £4000. This payment means that the lights will belong to the town and we will not have to pay such a large sum in future years. We have been leasing them for the past three years but now it will only be the cost of erection and taking them down.”

 There is no current record for mass apple dooking and a spokesman for Guinness World Records said: “We do monitor a category for ‘most people apple bobbing’ but there is no current record. There is a record held for ‘most apples bobbed by an individual in one minute’, it is 33 and is held by Ashrita Furman of New York and was achieved on 19 February 2008.”

 The record attempt will be held at 5pm on Saturday 1 November at The Gytes Leisure Centre, Walkershaugh, Peebles. Although entry is free there will be a silver collection so donations are appreciated. Everyone is welcome, so go along and have some fun.