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Man dies following bizarre crash

Pathhead Sands, sight of the bizarre crash in Kirkcaldy


A 30 year-old Polish man died yesterday after he crashed his car into a boulder in Kirkcaldy.

The incident, which took place at Pathhead Sands, is believed to have happened during a meeting of Polish BMW enthusiasts.

Inspector Brenda Sinclair of Fife Constabulary has appealed for any witnesses to come forward.

“We understand that a number of people who were attending this event left the area prior to the arrival of emergency services, and we would urge them to contact us as they may have information which would help us.”

Concern as empty units increase at Kirkcaldy Shopping Centre

by Ashleigh Gibbs

Shutters Down: A familiar sight at the Kirkcaldy shopping centre

The potential closure of a small arts and craft store has struck a further blow to a local shopping centre in Kirkcaldy. Burns and Harris, one of the centre’s longest standing occupants, has been forced to reduce opening hours and create redundancies adding further speculation about the future of the ailing Postings Shopping Centre. With high rates forcing existing business to move to the High Street and failing to attract new business alike, the centre has seen a devastating increase in empty units with a direct impact on spend, leaving few remaining stall owners and shops struggling.

“It’s getting worse and worse…” an employee of Capability Scotland, one of several charity shops, said. “We would have had about eighty or ninety people through the doors a day, now it’s more like twenty five.”  One stall owner told of how a fellow goods seller had taken no money at all on a Saturday and there is greater concern yet that development plans for a new supermarket at the town’s Inverteil site may have a detrimental effect to its vitally important Tesco.  The initiative continues to be discussed.

Thou shalt not kilt

By Stewart Primrose

Scotland is facing a kilt famine after kilt hire shops reported a massive upturn in sales.

This is mainly due to the recent international sporting events, with 15,000 football fans travelling to Amsterdam at the weekend and the recent 6 nations rugby.

Scottish Tartans
Scottish Tartans

With Scotland due to play Iceland on Wednesday anyone hoping to hire a kilt for the match could be left disappointed. Sales for accessories such as belts, socks and sporrans have also been popular as the Tartan Army look to support their troubled side.

In Kirkcaldy, one kilt shop Kirk Wynd Highland House has been expecting an upsurge.

“We supply all the kilts for the Kirkcaldy Tartan Army and we always have a really busy time of it when Scotland is playing.

“The kilt hires have gone through the roof this week and the sales of sporrans and belts have also gone up.

In Glasgow, Dominic Capaldi, manager of MacGregor MacDuff, has admitted he has had to order in more stock as the demands exceed expectations.

“The demand from the Tartan Army has been phenomenal this week. We were really bust last week but I’m sure we are about 30 per cent up on that figure, which is amazing.

“The hire of the Saltire and the Thistle kilts have gone through the roof. They are definitely the most popular kilts we have available.”

If you are unable to get a kilt for Wednesday your best bet would be to go a higher class kilt makers. Beware though, as you may have to pay for it. The manager of Geoffrey Taylor in Edinburgh, Hugh Stratham, still has a healthy number of stock available as he feels the price has deterred many from using his shop.

” We have only sold 2 or 3 kilts for the football so it has not really affected our business. People have been shopping around and the prices seemed to have scared them off.

Our shop is at the higher end of the market so our kilts are mainly for long term, not for a one off football match.”

So if you are going to any ceilidhs or weddings, then you better be quick as there is a shortage of our national dresswear.