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Air raids continue over Libya

Warfare in Libya. Credit: B.R.Q

By Edoardo Zandona’

Several air raids were conducted last night by the coalition forces over Libyan cities. In Adjabiyah, French planes destroyed an artillery battery belonging to Gaddafi’s army and British Tornadoes threw missiles on Libyan tanks. Residents reported other air raids in Tripoli and Sirte, followed by distant explosions and anti-aircraft gunfire, that also hit the Colonel’s bunker-residence in Bab al-Aziziya.

Meanwhile, clashes between Gaddafi’s and rebel forces continue in the town of Misrata.

British and French government announced today they are ready to work on a ‘political and diplomatic solution’ for the Libya crisis. This decision arrived after NATO said it will take over Libya’s no-fly zone, and it is ready to assume ‘broader responsibility’. The Alliance said their plan is to accomplish the ‘Odyssey Dawn’ mission in 90 days, but may be extended or shortened. NATO has already managed to involve the first Arab country in the conflict with the United Arab Emirates ready to send 12 planes to enforce the no-fly zone. Continue reading Air raids continue over Libya

International news headlines

by Tina Charon and Patrick McPartlin

Middle East


For the moment the US, UK and France are continuing air strikes against the country. A second raid was lead early this morning and destroyed a building in Libya’s capital Tripoli. The building was one of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s command centres. US officials have said that Colonel Gaddafi himself was not a target of the air strikes.

The Arab League, Russia and China have condemned the attacks. Arab League General Secretary Amr Mussa said, “What has happened in Libya differs from the goal of imposing a no-fly zone. What we want is the protection of civilians.” He has also announced that an emergency meeting of the 22-member Arab league is about to be set up.

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Do Libyans really support the revolution?

As the standoff with Colonel Gadaffi continues to escalate, Napier News has heard how Libyan students at an English school in Edinburgh have reacted to the rebellion.

Eileen Macintyre said one of her students was determined to go to fight against Gadaffi’s forces.
Finally she and her husband managed to persuade him to stay.

Macintyre, who has extensive connections to Libya, went on to cast doubt over the level of popular support for the rebels.

Listen here to an extended clip of the interview.

Libya declares ceasefire

By Edoardo Zandona’

UPDATE (15:06) Libyan Youth Movement reports via Twitter: “very large explosions heard and continuing west of Tripoli”. You can follow their tweets here.

UPDATE (14:57) US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the international community had “no other choice” but to take action after the killing of civilians in Libya. She stated: “This resolution is an important step, but the US and its partners will continue to explore other ways of ending the Libyan crisis”.

UPDATE (14:50) Spanish prime minister Jose Luis Zapatero declared that “the international community will not be deceived by the Libyan regime”, and it will “verify its enforcement of the resolution”. Italian Foreign minister Franco Frattini announced that Italy is going to shut down its embassy in Libya.

UPDATE (14:42) BBC’s diplomatic correspondant James Robbins said “the ceasefire is a classic tactic from Colonel Gaddafi and it will not stop military preparations”.

UPDATE (14:12) Despite the announced ceasefire, bombardments and crashes between rebels and loyalist troops continue in the city of Misrata. Arabic network Al-Arabiya said 25 people have been killed in the bombardments. CNN broadcasted an interview of a witness stating: “There isn’t any ceasefire in Libya, they are bombing us in this very second. Misrata is on fire”.

UPDATE (14:02) NATO General Secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen declared: “NATO is completing its plan in order to be ready to take appropriate action in support of the U.N. Security Council’s resolution”. The organization decided to speed up planning for military action in Libya, but whether to intervene in the conflict has not been decided yet.

UPDATE (13:40) First replies to Libya’s declaration of ceasefire from Western countries’ leaders. The French government declared that “the threat in Libya is unchanged”. David Cameron told the BBC that “Gaddafi will be judged by his deeds, not by his words”.

Following the U.N. resolution imposing Libya a no-fly zone, the country declared a ceasefire to assure the protection of civilian population. Libya’s Foreign minister Mousa Koussa declared journalists in Tripoli that the country “agrees with the resolution” and will therefore suspend the planned offensive on the rebels in Benghazi. The minister explained: “Libya is part of the United Nations and must accept the Security Council’s resolution”. He added that Libya will protect the foreigners in the country and their assets. The Libyan government’s announcement has already made the oil price drop of 3 dollars per barrel.

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi

UN authorizes military intervention in Libya

David Cameron making his speech in the British parliament

By Edoardo Zandona’

The U.N. Security Council approved a resolution last night endorsing military forces to intervene against Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. The decision was made in an emergency meeting, after Gaddafi warned rebels in Benghazi that loyalist forces will conduct an attack to the city with “no mercy and no pity”. Continue reading UN authorizes military intervention in Libya

Pro-Gaddafi forces resist rebels’ attacks

by Tina Charon

Picture : giladlotan on Flickr. Protest in London to support the Libyan revolution.
Picture : giladlotan on Flickr. Protest in London to support the Libyan revolution.



About one month after the beginning of the Libyan revolution, Gaddafi’s government is still in power.

A few cities are no longer under the control of the Libyan leader, but the state forces keep resisting and attacking the rebels. Misrata, the third city of Libya, is still controlled by the rebels, but other cities, like Ben Djaouad, have now been recovered by Gaddafi’s army. In Ben Djaouad, at least twelve people have died since the beginning of the confrontation between forces and rebels, and about fifty have been severely injured. Continue reading Pro-Gaddafi forces resist rebels’ attacks