By Matthew Moore 

Taking maternity is an attributing factor to the pay gap in the medical profession says report


Doctor’s wages should be published to give “transparency” to the profession, says the author of a landmark gender pay report. 

There is a £15,000 gap between men and women in the medical profession in the UK, according to the report published by Imperial College London, the University of East Anglia and the British Medical Association (BMA). 

Speaking to Edinburgh Napier News, Dr Anita Holdcroft, a co-author of the report said that women face many challenges in “career progression”. 

Dr Holdcroft said: “This is an obstacle that can be overcome through increased transparency. 

“We want more openness with regard to what salaries people are earning, and we’d like independent auditors to analyse these.” 

The Olympics are among numerous other events which are free-to-air (

By Suhayl Afzal and Myles Edwards

Proposed changes to the list of free-to-air sporting events have triggered widespread criticism.

Sporting associations, journalists and the public have reacted angrily to the recommendations put to the department of culture, media and sport by an independent panel.