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Time to slow down and save lives

Gillespie's and Sciennes primary school pupils release balloons as part of an advert campaign for "Just give me a minute".

A new campaign has been launched today by school pupils in south Edinburgh.

“Just give me a minute” highlights the small amount of time lost to a driver if they travel at 20mph rather than 30mph.  The speed difference will save lives according to experts.

A 20mph speed limit along residential streets from Arthurs Seat to Blackford Hill has had the support of 70% of local people and will cost £100,000. Casualties have been reduced by 30-50% when the scheme has been introduced in other parts of the city road.

The change has also been an attempt to improve cycling safety where three fatalities have taken place over the last few months.

The campaign will continue to be promoted through adverts on radio, buses and bus shelters.


Trystan Davies reports:

Government Proposals To Target Excessive Speeding

New government proposals have revealed plans which could result in drivers losing their licence after two speeding offences.

Under current law most drivers receive three penalty points for speeding, regardless of how much they have exceeded the speed limit by.

The new scheme would result in drivers who excessively break the speed limit  receiving six points on their licence. This would mean an automatic ban after two offences.

There is also the possibility of reducing the number of penalty points for drivers committing minor speeding offences to two points.

Tim Shallcross, spokesman for the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motoring) said, “In general, yes we support the proposals. What they’re generally talking about is people going 50% over the speed limit. You don’t do that by accident.”

He does however point out that the idea would penalise someone speeding at 100mph on the motorway more than it would someone doing 35mph in a 30mph limit.

This contradicts the Think! Road Safety Campaign which enforces the idea of a 30mph speed limit in a town as the most important one to stick to. The IAM have to wait until the proposal is announced in more detail to comment further.

The government are also looking to introduce official limits for drivers under the influence of drugs. There is currently no legal limit which would enable police to prosecute offenders and there are no breathalysers to detect drivers who have taken drugs.

It is estimated that up to one in five motorists killed in road accidents could have taken drugs and it is hoped that the new measures will help to reduce this figure.

Provisional figures show that the number of people killed in road accidents this year has fallen by 20% compared to 2007. The new measures aim to reduce these figures further and make our roads safer.

“Transport minister Jim Fitzpatrick and members of the public give their reaction”.