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Potential Terror Abroad

Written By: Blythe Harkins

The US has issued a terror warning for Americans in Europe.  The US State Department has advised US travelers to use extra caution when traveling abroad, with added care when exploring tourist destinations. Terrorists have previously targeted and attacked subways and rail systems, as well as aviation and maritime services.  Officials are concerned that new means of attacks may be on the rise.  However, the State Department is not expected to issue a travel alert advising Americans against travel to Europe, however.  Although the Department of State has yet to single out any one country, France, England, and Germany have been thrown out as possible locations for the potential attack.

In Britain, a Whitehall official said there were “no plans to change the threat level in the UK.”  The threat level in the UK remains the same at “severe”, which means the government considers an attack highly likely.  On Sunday, The Guardian talked about the possible style of the attacks.  They went on to say “The US press first reported that they were planning a series of “commando-style” attacks, something European security agencies have feared since the coordinated killings in Mumbai two years ago in which 174 people died.”

Last night the Eiffel Tower in Paris was evacuated following a bomb threat called in from a telephone booth. This is the second alert at the Eiffel Tower in two weeks. A search conducted by bomb experts found nothing unusual, and it was soon reopened within hours.  No other actual threats have been reported thus far.  Officials have earlier said that Osama bin Landen may be tied to the potential attacks.  It has been stated bin Laden had “approved or “blessed” the attack plan. If bin Laden is behind the terror plots, it would be his most operational role since Sept. 11, 2001,” according to news channel ABC 7 from New York.