Video Archive

Here is a random selection of some of the videos the Journalism students have produced.

News Bulletin 7/03/2011

by Marii Stoltsen and Alicia Warner
Interview at the Plan Vivo Conference, 5 November 2010.

by Faith Orr and Lauren McKenzie

By Melissa Wong

2009 was the year of homecoming, and 2010 is the year of outgoing for some university students. Our reporters, Jingjiao Liu and Chenyu Cui, speak to Suzanne Smith, Faculty Administrator at Edinburgh Napier University, about exchange programs currently on offer to students. They also speak to some international students about their experiences.

By Lauren Redpath and Fiona Gardner

By Fiona Kirkcaldy and Nicola Haggarty

By Gemma Haigh, Fiona Gardner and Lauren Redpath