“Malicious” Tynecastle Vandal Caught on Camera

By Sean Salhab
The “malicious” vandal who had broken into Tynecastle Stadium over the weekend has been caught on CCTV footage.
A spokesman for the club said the surviliance cameras show just one culprit carrying out the vandilism.
He said: “We have CCTV surveillance. It’s likely that the person will be found. I think it was someone being malicious. There were cars in the car park overnight but nothing else was damaged. It seems to be someone who had a malicious streak.
The vandal had managed break into the stadium and damage both sets of heavy metal goal posts just hours before the start of Heart’s match against Falkirk.
Both goal posts damaged at Tynecastle Stadium
Both goal posts damaged at Tynecastle Stadium

An emergency maintenance team managed to repair the posts before kick off . They went on to win 2-1. He added: “We don’t know how they got in. The security at the club is very good, but sometimes when someone has a will to be malicious, it could be difficult to prevent it. We’re quite sure this will be a one-off. The matter is with the police now.”

A Lothian and Borders Police spokesman said that they were investigating the vandalism.

Hearts fan Alex Robertson, 30, from Broughton, was at the match, and said the damage could clearly be seen from the stand.

He said: “You could see a bit of tape around the corners of the goalposts and the bar. It looked like it was quite heavily taped.

“It would have taken quite a lot of effort to break the cross bar. I think it was a Hibs fans with a drink in them.”