Student scammed by fake website

By Adam Couper

A fourth year student at Edinburgh University has been left out of pocket by a fake ticket website.Iain Lobban, 21, from Edinburgh had purchased tickets for The Mighty Boosh live show from which he had thought was a legitimate website he soon realised something was wrong.

Iain Lobban after learning his tickets would not arrive
Iain Lobban after learning his tickets would not arrive

‘I checked with my bank and the money had been taken out but the tickets hadn’t arrived. I then went back to have a look at the email to check all the details and when I scrolled down to the bottom I saw it had a website from Hungary. I knew straight away that I’d been conned.

‘I revisited the website which had been shut down by a solvency agency and replaced by a site which has links to reputable sites such as ticketmaster and had more customers who had also been ripped off warning people against using the site,’ he said.’It looked for all the world to be a genuine ticket site. It looked professional, and to be honest at no point was I suspicious.

‘It seems to have happened to a lot of people which doesn’t make me feel quite as much of an idiot.

On the new website hundreds of people who have also been scammed by the company have left angry and disappointed comments. Mr Lobban was as upset about the fact that he wouldn’t be going to the show as he was about the money..

‘To find out that the tickets were fakes is really annoying. I’m more upset that I’ll be missing the show than the loss of money although obviously my bank account has taken a hit. ‘I wish I’d been a bit more thorough when I was organising it but lets be honest no one reads every inch of an email. ‘It’s left me £100 out of pocket and there is no chance of getting a refund.’