Ban on “irresponsible” drink promotions

By Nicola Dick

drink1The Queen’s speech has put a stamp on the UK’s problem of binge drinking.

New legislation will make pubs and clubs sign a new code of conduct in order to ban all drink promotions such as “pay at the door and drink for free.”

The Policing and Crime Bill is aiming to prevent the “misuse of alcohol” and control how it is sold. It may also force pubs to list the strength of drinks on their menu. Landlords who don’t may face a fine up to £20,000 or six months in jail.

Yet, with no minimum price being introduced on alcohol, supermarkets can still sell alcohol cheaper. This is not good news for landlords. They already lose money to off licenses selling alcohol at ridiculously cheap prices. Drink promotions are obviously popular with young people and students. To ban “happy hours”, this could be a great disadvantage for them. Student Ruth Hill described how she thinks it may encourage her to not spend as much money when out:

“I can see why they want to stop promotions but I find the promotions in pubs and clubs great. As a student I don’t have the money to spend a lot on drink.”

By losing customers this may mean the closure of many pubs.

There will also be more power given to the police in order to stop under 18s drinking by seizing drinks. They will also be issuing larger fines to those caught drinking in public places.