Wright choice for Scotland?

Ipswich Town defender David Wright has revealed on the club’s official website that he would jump at the chance to play for Scotland despite being born in England.

David Wright. Courtesy of www.itfc.co.uk
David Wright. Courtesy of http://www.itfc.co.uk

Ipswich Town Official Website’s story.

Scottish supporters have reacted to the news.

21 year old Andrew Crawford, who regularly goes to Scotland games,¬†told Dundedin Napier News: “It doesn’t really bother me as long as he’s decent and actually has a Scottish parent.

“I suppose there are a lot of full-backs but Graeme Alexander has not got long left.”

Tom McAllister from The West of Scotland Tartan Army told us: “It will just be like Nigel Quashie playing for us because he has got a Scottish relative.”