Facebook crime

In an effort to combat crime in the United Kingdom the Home Office has decided to use the Facebook program, which would allow the site’s users to submit intelligence about criminal activities in the country.

Assistant Chief Constable Rob Taylor said today that the police were proud to be the first force in the country to use the new technology, which demonstrated their commitment to explore all avenues available to the force to help fight and detect crime.

He said officers have developed an application for the social newworking site that allows users to submit intelligence about crimes, adding that “It has been developed to raise awareness of local appeals.

Rob Taylor also noted  that after installing the application on their profiles, users also got a news feed regarding incidents and links to the force web site.

“Facebook has 59 million users, seven million of which live in the UK, so we realised that this was an excellent way of spreading our messages to people on a more personal basis.

“This application allows the police to further raise awareness of incidents taking place within our local communities in a bid to gain more intelligence and bring offenders to justice,” Rob Taylor said.

Facebook, along with its main rivals Bebo and MySpace, lets users set up personal web pages and communicate with each other.