CCTV Footage helps with Real IRA murders

By Stewart Primrose

CCTV footage may have captured crucial  information on the identity’s of those who killed the two British soldiers in Northern Ireland.

Sappers Mark Quinsey and Patrick Azimka
Sappers Mark Quinsey and Patrick Azimka

Sappers Mark Quinsey, 23, and Patrick Azimka, 21, were killed at their army base in County Antrim by members of the Real IRA.

When Detective Chief Inspector Derek Williamson was questioned on whether the police had any clues he confirmed that “some of the events” of the murders had been caught on camera.

He also Stated a green Vauxhall Cavelier TDZ 7309, found about 5 miles from Massereene Army base, was the getaway vehicle in which the killers used to escape from the scene.

Colleagues of the two soldiers have expressed their admiration of the work they carried out and were tipped for great things within the British army.

Lieutenant Colonel Roger Lewis, commanding officer of 38 Engineer Regiment, said of Azimka:

“During training for our deployment to Afghanistan, Sapper Azimkar showed his true grit and determination, making absolutely certain that he was fully prepared for the exacting and demanding conditions to come.

It was his performance during this training, and in particular his commitment to supporting his mates, that showed his full potential for training as a non-commissioned officer.

The regiment and I have been shocked and stunned by the death of this very promising young soldier.”

Sapper Quinsey, from Birmingham, was said to have had a great sense of humour and had huge potential as a soldier. Lt Col Lewis said:

“Sapper Quinsey was an outwardly calm, resolute and motivated young soldier.

A social livewire and hugely popular across the regiment, he was rarely away from the centre of the action.

Professionally his approach reflected his infectious enthusiasm for life.”

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is currently in Northern Ireland and has had talks with the political leaders in the country. After these talks he does not believe teat the recent events will have any impact on the current peace process and described it as “unshakeable”

“What I’ve seen this morning is the unity of the people of Northern Ireland, and the unity of the political parties,” he said.

“That they are going to continue to work together and they want to send out a message to the world – as I do – that the political process will not and never be shaken.

“In fact, the political process is now unshakeable”

Sein Fein leader Gerry Adams echoed the Prime Minsiters words and his “thoughts are with the families of the two men”  

“It was wrong. It was counter-productive.

“My thoughts are with the families of the two men who were killed and who were injured,” he said.

“And you might take some succour from the fact that whoever was involved, they have no support and no strategy and no popular will to back up their actions.”

The Real IRA have existed since 1997 after a the split of the Provisional IRA.  They were responsible for the Omagh bombings in  August 1998.