Meadows marathon madness

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By Stewart Primrose

It was a sports fest this weekend for sports fans, but with more than just rugby and football to indulge on. Keen runners were able to take part in the third Meadows half marathon in Edinburgh.

It is the only sporting event due to be held in the Meadows this year, due to concerns over the condition of the grass.

Joggers must run seven laps of the famous park, with may runners taking to opportunity to raise money for charity while serious competitors challenge for the top places. While runners are free to chose their own charity, five organisations have close links with the organisers, including Four Square and Barnardo’s Scotland.

Richard, who dressed up as a condom, took 1 hour 47 minutes to complete the course. He was happy with his time. “I felt okay doing it, but I’m shattered now. Its a good time considering I thought I’d take over 2hrs,” he said.

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Murray Harkness running for the Parkinson’s Disease Society was covered in pink lycra throughout the run. He spoke to Edinburgh Napier News about his experience. “The course was pretty good. I did the Inverness marathon and it was snowing so this was much better. There was some fantastic entertainment around the Meadows.”

The event was created in 2007  by  Paul Hewett and Alex Robertson. It was run mainly by students with 250 runners raising over £10,000 for Comic Relief. With the event proving to be such a success, it promises to be an annual event for many years to come.