Celebrity Twitter Debate

Tweet Tweet
Tweet Tweet

By Claire White

After teen sensation Miley Cyrus deleted her account on social networking site ‘Twitter’ a fortnight ago, it seems to have sparked some notice in the way celebrities are using the website.

Social networking phenomenon ‘Twitter’ has reached its popularity thanks to the many celebrities to posting to the site daily answering the simple question ‘What are you doing?’.  The site allows you to view celebrities posts, ‘follow’ them and see what they are saying on your own twitter homepage and even have the chance to reply to them, in hope for an answer back. It is a new revolution to contact celebrities easily any place, any time and is at the person’s decision whether to reply or not and what content they post.

The newest celebrity to join in against the site is Lily Allen. Today she has been rumoured to have quit the site as it has apparently been interfering with her personal life. She has not updated her profile in just under a month and the last words she ‘twittered’ on the 28th of September were;
“I am a neo-luddite, goodbye.”

This is interesting as a neo-luddite is someone who does not believe in the use of technology and as the stories have been told today in the Daily Mirror she has apparently rid off her computer, Mac Book and Blackberry to stop her having a temptation to go on the site. Could this be a new turn in Lily Allen’s life? Or has she just become rebellious towards the site?

Many celebrities have opted to go without a twitter page, thinking it could interfere with their lives, yet as stated before with it being at your own discretion what is posted the blame for content cannot be shifted to anyone but yourself.