New Church policy leads to increase in young ministers


Church of Scotland

By Charlotte Turner


The Church of Scotland have recently experienced an influx of young members in their congregation aspiring to become ministers.

Reasons for this can be explained by new Church policy to actively recruit applicants to fill-in the upcoming gaps.

Rev.Dr George. J. Whyte, Clerk of the Edinburgh Presbytery Church of Scotland states:

“The Church recognised that there was a shortage in ministers and put its mind to look for potential applicants.”

The process of looking for and training applicants has changed to  make the career choice to become a minister seem more reachable.

Young people looking to embark upon the path of ministry can now attend an enquiry conference where they will be partnered with and allowed to shadow a minister for three months.

“This allows a wide range of people to try out the life of a minister.”   Said Rev. Dr Whyte

Previously it was difficult for young members within the Church community to see themselves becoming ministers.

Especially for those who’s gender and age group differed from their own minister.

It can be hard to imagine full-filling the place of  the local minister when the minister is from another generation and of a different gender to the would be applicant.

Rev.Dr Whyte explained that  ” Before, they only saw one way, one Church and one minister.”

“The process gets them out of their local set-up and into a wider setting.”  He continued

This provides the applicant with the opportunity to envisage them self living the life of a Church of Scotland minister.