Want you back for good?

By Luci Wallace and Olivia Scott

Robbie Williams joined the reformed Take That on stage for the first time in 15 years as part of a fundraising concert for Children In Need.

While the complete band did not perform together, it has set excitement in the heart of every Take That fan in exsitance and sparked rumours of a proper comeback.

This comeback would be one of around a million in recent years with everybody from the Spice Girls to Led Zeppelin reforming.

So why are all these comebacks so popular?

Edinburgh based gig promoter, Jamie Macleod, thinks it has something do with reliving the glory days.

“There’s a lot to be said for nostalgia with all those 80s tours on the go. It’s possibly come at a time where things aren’t so good for people and they just want to relive something that was better for them.

“Essentially you’re still selling to the same audience even though they’re a bit older. I think Take That have longevity.”

So lets take a look back through who has come and gone and come again, who’s been a success and who we wish had stayed quiet.


The boys who sparked the trend: Take That.

One of the most, if not the most successful boy bands of the ’90s, Take That won the affection of pretty much every teenage girl and her mother in the country and beyond. After an unhappy disbanding in 1996, the boys were back 10 years later to open arms and sold out concerts and are currently enjoying a level of success equal to that of their first time around. We’re talking screaming girls, fancy photoshoots, knickers-on-the-stage sort of stuff, it’s no wonder everyone else has jumped on the bandwagon.



spice girls DCTheir female counterparts: Spice Girls.

Who’d have thought that five women named after adjectives could be so mind-blowingly popular? First time around we were unashamedly obsessed with the every move of Baby, Ginger, Scary, Sporty and Posh and when they reappeared in 2008 the story was no different. The women were a bit older and a lot better dressed and the fans a little less hysterical but just as loyal when the Spice Girls embarked on their world tour to show everybody that girl power was still alive and high-kicking.



poiceThe Legends: The Police

A band that started in 1978 and is still relevant today with it’s long-lasting classics such as ‘Roxanne’ and ‘Every Breath You Take’. They reunited in 2007 for an extensive tour of the world that lasted a little over a year solidifying their position as one of the best bands of our time. Residents of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and just one of those bands whose songs everyone knows the words to, every little thing they do is magic. Sorry.



Who else has made a comeback in recent years?

Boyzone: One of the greatest boy bands ever, Boyzone returned late 2008, however the band is currently on a break following the tragic death of band member Stephen Gately in October 2009.

Backstreet Boys

Spandau Ballet

Blink 182


Led Zeppelin


No Doubt

…to name but a few, and there are plenty more where they came from.

So who knows how many more bands will come back into our lives? It’s difficult to say, but what is certain is that this is a trend that shows no signs of dying out. Expect many more comebacks over the coming years, some legendery, some unnecessary and some downright hideous.