War un-wanted

Yasmin Khan, Senior Campaigns Officer at War on Want

by Jeremy Janeczko

Anti-war and poverty demonstrations, led by large international groups against the war in Afghanistan, begin to sprout in popularity across the United Kingdom. Edinburgh, Scotlands’ capital, has become the hot spot, playing host to the most recent up and coming rallies lead by the well known organization, War on Want. The group is best known for their active work during the Cold War and more recently their participation in the London G20 summit protests, where their group along with other activists were met with force.

Yasmin Khan, Senior Campaigns Officer at War on Want, will lead the Stop the War Coalition rally at the ironic location of Augustines church, October 7, 7:30 pm, in the heart of Edinburgh. The group intends to change the general public opinion through education, ‘from the little reports that we do get, we can see that last year, 2009, has been the bloodiest year ever, since the start of the war’ Yasmin Khan stated in a conference in London.

The aim is to change and enlighten the United Kingdom’s understanding of the effects of the war in Afghanistan on not just the soldiers but the civilians alike. ‘The civilian cost is something we don’t care a lot about in the UK’ Yasmin Khan stated. This is all in hope that education and public awareness  will bring an end to this war sooner, alleviating those innocent civilians in danger.