Scottish MSPs fighting to get David Cameron’s attention

by Sofia Gonçalves

David Cameron is going on a trip to China this month, to meet with the Chinese President, Hu Jintao, and the cross party group of Tibet is meeting today at the Scottish Parliament to decide what measures to take in order to get the Prime Minister’s attention to environmental issues in Tibet.

Iain Thom, secretary of the cross party group, said in a meeting arranged by the students of  Tibet Society of the University of Edinburgh: “at the Scottish Parliament we are set up to develop links with Tibet. The environmental issue is one of the key issues. Tibet is like a watershed. It supports two billion people. It is where the rivers in China rise. The water comes from rainfalls in the monsoon. Up to 90% of the flow comes from glaciars and it is released in the summer. Climate change is a very sensitive response for nature forcing and China is building a major hydro-electrical damn. Jeffrey Bolton said that the Chinese are considering to get a major river change to stop the water from going to Nepal and going to China, instead.”

Mr Thom added “We invited the Prime Minister over some time ago. Coming to Scotland would be important to see what we are working on. we want to put pressure on David Cameron to stand up for Tibet during his visit to China.”

As to the visit of the British Prime Minister to China, an article of the BBC, published in July this year, mentioned “Downing Street said the two leaders had agreed strongly on the need to increase trade between the UK and China.” There is an interest of developing the ties and the trade between the two countries.

The Tibet society of the University of Edinburgh is also making efforts to aid the situation in Tibet by supporting the charity association Ropka, holding weekly meetings and raising awareness especially amongst students.