Virgin Media launches new broadband service.

By Hannah Burton.

Courtesy of Virgin Media

Virgin Media, have recently unveiled the release of their fastest broadband speed yet. At 100 Mb the broadband will be the first in the UK and is set to set the company apart from it’s rivals, BT.

However, as the fastest speeds are being announced many people in Edinburgh are finding problems with slower speed broadband are having problems.

In Edinburgh, many built up areas such as Polwarth, are having difficulty with the service, deeming it slow and unreliable.

A local resident, Kate Ferguson, stated, “At the beginning of our service we had a lot of problems but now the service is average. Our broadband often cuts out and at times can be very slow.” However, Virgin claim to offer a “fast,reliable internet connection”.

Neil Berkett, chief executive of Virgin, said that this was a “significant milestone in the UK’s evolution”.

It is set to go on sale in December with certain areas of the UK. Virgin have said, “The first areas to experience the service will be in parts of London, the South East and Yorkshire.”The rest of the UK, including Scotland should expect to have the choice of the service in 2012.

Virgin also claimed that this service is more efficient when numerous people are using the service, which is a problem seen in Polwarth.

Miss Ferguson, said “When more than one person in the flat is connected to the internet, we often receive different speeds or no connection at all.” With a high student population in Polwarth, many  tenement buildings have problems with broadband at peak times.

The super-fast broadband speed, is set to cost £35 per month on it’s own or £45 as a bundle. With current speeds being priced between £6.25 and £12.50 per month on it’s own or in bundles ranging from £9.50 and £35 per month, will many choose this service.

Mis Ferguson, said “I might think about it, but more than likely I wouldn’t pay that much for a service I’m not completely happy with.” So, as students may choose to ignore this offer, it will be unknown until 2012, whether this speed will deliver or not.