Roses are red, violets are blue, cooking for singles is on the menu

By Ray Philp and Jen McClure

Valentine’s Day has a sorry history of prescribed gestures of love. Cards, flowers, chocolates, champagne, kissograms; none rise above the flotsam of generic sentiment. Redblue Introductions offers a life-raft for singles searching for a more personal touch to their quest for love, by offering cooking classes for singles.

Redblue Introductions, in partnership with New Town Cookery School, host a cooking school for up to 16 people. Upon arrival, singletons are encouraged to socialise before entering the kitchen to begin cooking. While men are tasked with preparing the ingredients, females mingle between prospective partners/chefs/househusbands and take turns to assist. Once the meal is served, singles dine together to enjoy their meal with a glass of wine.

Annabel Latto, director of Redblue Introductions, says that the cooking classes offer something unique to singles with busy lifestyles, and those who opt out of online dating.

“A lot of people are disillusioned [by online dating] and want to go back to a traditional way of meeting people, which is why introduction agencies are doing really well at the moment.”

Latto emphasises the benefits of a personalised service, saying that face-to-face dating services such as cooking classes are an effective way of ‘vetting’ dishonesty more commonly ascribed to dating websites.

“Our clients are professionals, they don’t really have the time to meet people or they’ve tried online dating – [they] meet someone and they look completely different.”

One thing is for certain: whether you’re a dab hand with a chopping board or you don’t know your parsnips from your elbow, things are sure to get steamy in the kitchen.

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