Matthew P: Interview

by Sam Eastop

Suffolk-based singer-songwriter Matthew P brings a fresh, exciting light to the acoustic/folk genre. A haunting vocal brought to life by rich, soulful lyrics and accompanied by summery, uplifting guitar lines, Matthew is a musician that has to be heard to be truly appreciated.
His new EP, ‘The Breakfast EP’ will be out soon and will feature, ‘The Breakfast Song’ which is currently available as a free download on Matthew’s facebook and website, (link below.)
In an interview, Matthew P shares how he generates his music, his influences and his plans for the future.

How do you begin writing a song, lyrics or melody first? Or does it vary?

I start writing a song before I pick up a guitar or do any singing. It starts with an experience and then I go on to reflect on that using lyrics and melody. When i actually sit down to write I start with a clear idea of what I want to write about and then I put that to one side and start on the music. Once I am in a good place with the music I come back and start to weave words into the song. All I do after that is hope something good happens if it doesn’t then i put down the guitar and go and do some living.

Where do you tend to draw inspiration from the most?

Mostly from personal experience and the people who are closest to me.

What is your favourite song to perform and why?

My favourite live tune to play varies but one that I always enjoy without fail is Patti. I always try to get the crowd involved on that one. Its a song about a Portuguese girl I worked in a bar with. She was older than me and she used to get me drunk and make me dance. She was an amazing dancer.

Where do you think your musical style has originated from?

My style comes from many different influences such as Elliot Smith, Billy Bragg, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones. I grew up listening to all sorts of great music that has had a definite influence on me but I like to think that it has an honesty and a sound that comes from reflecting my simple observations of life around me.

Any particularly exciting plans for the near future? Is a big nationwide tour on the cards?

I have an E.P. coming out really soon and there is a free download that E.P. on my Facebook page called ‘The Breakfast Song‘. We shot a low-fi video for it in Asda Lowestoft when we were hung-over one Saturday morning. Was a lot of fun. I am playing lots of small dates at the mo around the country. I am really up for gigging at the mo so if anyone has any good nights they are organising get in touch via

Lastly, if you had a ‘play list’ of five songs you are listening to a lot at the moment, what would the five be?

The five songs I am listening to at the moment are
Rinse Me Down – Bombay Bicycle Club
Angeles – Elliot Smith
One Day Like This – Elbow
California – Joni Mitchell
The New Pollution – Beck

Matthew P’s official website:
Matthew’s single ‘Gilly’ on YouTube