Vandalization at the City Chambers

credit: Edinburgh Evening News

by Blythe Harkins


The ‘Stone of Remembrance,’ a war memorial outside of the City Chambers on the Royal Mile was vandalized recently.  Either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, white paint was thrown on the nearby walls and in front of the memorial.  A team of specialists had to be called in t0 remove the paint, with the Council believing that a specialized paint was used for the defacing.   It is unknown how much the removal of the paint cost the city.  Today a team of marble polishers are going to be returning to the memorial to restore it to its original state.  Defacing public property is bad enough but when it comes to a sacred memorial, a new question arises entirely.  Hopefully Edinburgh will find the culprit and actions will be taken.  For the full story, check out the news bulletin on Edinburgh Napier News TV.