The eco-friendly week

By Sandra Juncu

"It's time to go beyond the hour" the Earth Hour organizers are telling us

Did you know that a leaking tap can fill a bath tub in less than a week, and waste as much as 1 litre of water per hour? Did you know that research has shown as much as £1 out of every £3 spent in the UK on lighting and heating homes is wasted?

These are just some of the questions being asked this week as part of a campaign to raise awareness on environmental problems and on individual alternatives for a greener future.

The 18th International World Water Day takes place on 22 March, as designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 1992. This year, the event takes place in Cape Town, South Africa between 20 and 22 March and the organisers are trying to draw attention to the importance of fresh water and of preserving resources during the World Water Day Fair.

This Saturday, 26 March, sees the 4th annual Earth Hour event, in which people are encouraged to switch off their electricity for one hour. The international event is trying to break last year’s record when 128 different countries and territories worldwide joined the climate change protest. David Cameron supported the initiative yesterday in a YouTube message, calling it a “huge symbol of global solidarity, an inspiring display of international commitment.” He also added that beyond being an eco-protest, the event is a political statement and a serious alarm sign for governments regarding the climate issue. “The millions of people taking part in Earth Hour are not only demonstrating their personal commitment, but also sending a strong message to government to call for urgent and sustainable action on climate change.”