NHS Orkney Switches Paper for iPads

iPads replace paper at NHS Orkney

NHS Orkney has provided its members with iPads for use in meetings in order to dispense with paper usage. The health board, the UK’s smallest, is the first Scottish public body to go ‘paper light.’

The move cost £7000, but NHS Orkney predicts it will save them £28,000 a year in printing and associated costs. Board Chair John Scott Ross explains that upon introducing the iPads they “removed printers from desks, cleared out our stores of printing material and instilled in board members the need for them reject paper use.” He hopes the ‘paper light’ initiative will “spread down through the organisation.” When contacted for comment, NHS Lothian declared it “is actively considering eliminating the need for paper copies of board papers at board meetings” but has not specified it will follow NHS Orkney’s example in utilising iPads.

Communications manager for NHS Orkney John Miller notes the iPads have multiple benefits, “Many of our board members are based on outer islands. New generation iPads have cameras which allow members to ‘attend’ meetings remotely.” Previously this was done via video conferencing, but it is believed the iPads “will streamline operations”. Thus far there have no major technical glitches and members are not struggling with the technology, Miller claims.