Barclays bonus revealed

£17 million is the figure received in pay, shares and perks by Barclays boss Bob Diamond last year – while the bank’s profits fell by 3%.

Diamond’s tax bill was also covered by the bank to the tune of £5.7 million.

The American-born chief executive received 80% of his maximum bonus, shares to the value of £2.7 million to supplement his £1.35 million salary.

It was also announced that 238 senior staff at Barclays were paid £1.2 million each, on average. It is expected that shareholders and campaigners alike will be angered by the pay deal, which comes after tension between Barclays and HM Revnue & Customs over schemes to avoid up to £300 million in tax.

You can read details Diamond’s payout in Barclay’s annual report.