Edinburgh Universtiy Hall sees fire safety improvement

Edinburgh University’s Pollock Halls have the best accommodation fire safety record in Scotland.

Following Freedom Of Information requests to Scotland’s largest universities, Napier News discovered that the Fire Brigade were only called to Edinburgh University’s Holyrood halls twice in the last academic year.

The site, which houses around 2000 students, has seen dramatic improvements following the introduction of new safety procedures. Previously firemen had been frequent visitors to the halls, attending alarms 104 times during the 2008/09 session and 75 times the following year.

The university changed their systems because of concern about wasting crucial emergency service time with these automated call outs. Now members of the accommodation team investigate any alarm activations before contacting the Fire Brigade.

Over the same period Aberdeen University’s Elphinstone Road flats had 15 call outs whilst Glasgow University’s Murano Street Village experienced 174.