Allan Little Lecture 08/10/2012

By: Lauren Elliott and Lisa Mitchell
Media Mondays

The first of a series of powerhouse lectures by the biggest and best in British Journalism has finally been introduced to Edinburgh Napier News.  The listings of popular and influential journalistic minds will be tagged on Twitter under the name Media Mondays.  This week we had the privilege to host a masterclass starring BBC special correspondent and legend, Allan Little. In his lecture he talks about ‘good writing’ and his experiences in the field.
Listen here:

2 thoughts on “Allan Little Lecture 08/10/2012”

  1. Very interesting topic!
    I just finished my Masters in Anthropology here in Edinburgh (UoE), and wrote my dissertation on language ideology, national identity and phallacious ideas about correctness… very much along the lines of this talk, so much so that I recently finished working on an article/response to it, which can be found here:

    Comments, ideas and discussion are most welcome!
    Juan M del Nido

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