Judge praises rehabilitation process after offender secures “positive report”

By Ian McNally

Photo Above: Edinburgh High Court © Ian McNally

A High Court judge today commended a teenager for securing and maintaining an apprenticeship following a conviction last year.

Keenan Craig, 19, appearing at Edinburgh High Court today for a short community payback order review, was told that his engagement in the placement had contributed to a “positive report” from social workers.

Judge Lord Boyd told Craig that “despite difficulties before and since” his sentencing, he had satisfied the criteria previously set by the court.

He added that a further review would be heard in six months’ time and is scheduled for June 4th of next year.

Lord Boyd also told Craig to “keep up the progress and don’t become downhearted” at the prospect of a further hearing.

Craig, from Inverness, was sentenced on November 23rd last year at Edinburgh High Court for charges including serious sexual offences committed between 2012 and 2013.