New School to open in Morningside in 2021

Morningside new school will be open in 2021

By Morven McIntyre

A new primary school at Deanbank House in Canaan Lane, Morningside has been delayed until at least August 2021.

The planned primary school was announced by the City Council as the number of pupils in South Edinburgh has soared to the highest levels in 30 years.

Originally the school was due to open in August 2020, however there was no contingency plan in place to ease disruption for pupils and families.

Crawford McGhie, Senior Manager for Estates and Operational Support, Communities and Families said: “In the time between completing the new Primary School classes will be relocated to a new building while Deanbank House on Canaan Lane is refurbished. South Morningside classes will then move back to Deanbank House in August 2021.

Registration will now begin in November 2020, and pupils will begin classes in the new building in August 2021.

Edinburgh city council have provided a map showing the school’s catchment area.