International Roundup

Flooding in Venice

Venice has been hit by another abnormally high tide after suffering the worst one since 1872 last Tuesday. The rising water has left large portions of the city flooded, including the iconic St Mark’s Square, which has been closed to the public. Thus far, the damage from the salt water has already amounted to over €1 billion. Italy has declared a state of emergency.

Joker‘s Box Office Success

This weekend, Todd Phillips’ Joker became the first R-rated movie to pass the $1 billion mark. Despite having been made on a budget of $62.5 million and not having a release in China, it has surpassed every other R-rated movie in terms of revenue. This includes both Deadpool movies. Todd Phillips expressed his excitement over the news on Instagram, where he thanked fans for the movie’s success.

Iran’s Protests and Internet Shutdown

As protests continue across Iran, the country’s supreme leader has chosen to back the decision to increase gasoline prices by 50%. This has led the government to shut Iran’s internet down in an attempt to curb the wide reach of the protests. The country’s top politicians are still active on Twitter and would appear to have retained their internet connectivity.

Trump and Kim Jong-un on Joe Biden

Donald Trump has responded to Kim Jong-un’s description of potential presidential candidate Joe Biden as a “rabid dog”. He told North Korea’s leader that while Biden is “sleepy and very slow”, he is “somewhat better” than a rabid dog. Kim Jong-un further stated that people, or ‘dogs’, like Biden should be “beaten to death with a stick” to stop them from from “hurt[ing] lots of people”.

Santa Clarita Shooter Commits Suicide

The 16-year-old student who injured and killed several of his classmates last Thursday in a school shooting died on Friday night after shooting himself. That same day, the city of Santa Clarita started a Saugus Strong website aimed at providing support and resources for the families of the victims. The website already has well over 200 messages expressing love and support.

Louisiana Elects Democratic Governor

Gov. John Bel Edwards won against his Republican counterpart by a narrow margin on Saturday. This marks the second time this month that a typically ‘deep-red’ Republican state has elected a Democratic governor, the first being Kentucky. Trump visited both states immediately prior to these elections, but was unable to sufficiently sway voters towards his party.Close up of election voting pins for democratic party

New Pokemon Game Faces Mixed Reception

Game Freak’s hugely popular Pokemon franchise has a new title on the Nintendo Switch: Pokemon Sword and Shield. Critics on Metacritic gave the game a score of 81%, but fans scored it at just 34%. Due to having been developed in only one year, the game has been criticised for its ‘lazy’ and ‘half-hearted’ approach to the traditional Pokemon formula.